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Random Major National Historical And Cultural Sites In Qinghaireport

  • [Site]: Lajia Site
    [Chinese name]: Lajia yizhi 喇家遗址
    [Location]: Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County 民和县
    [Designation]: 5-126
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  • [Site]: Shenna Site
    [Chinese name]: Shenna yizhi 沈那遗址
    [Location]: Xining 西宁市
    [Designation]: 6-212
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  • [Site]: Tawendaliha Site
    [Chinese name]: Tawendaliha yizhi 塔温搭里哈遗址
    [Location]: Dulan County 都兰县
    [Designation]: 5-127
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  • [Site]: Chorten of the Thirty Generals of Gesar of Ling and Dana Temple
    [Chinese name]: Gesa'er sanshi da jiangjun Ling ta he Dana si 格萨尔三十大将军灵塔和达那寺
    [Location]: Nangqên County 囊谦县
    [Designation]: 6-805
    [Image]: Gesar GeneräleGruschke.jpgUpload file

  • [Site]: Liuwan site
    [Chinese name]: Liuwan yizhi 柳湾遗址
    [Location]: Ledu County 乐都县
    [Designation]: 6-211
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  • [Site]: Machangyuan Site
    [Chinese name]: Machangyuan yizhi 马厂塬遗址
    [Location]: Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County 民和县
    [Designation]: 3-191
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Qinghai Province has a long history, in the Huangshui River valley has been found more than 4000 years ago clan commune cultural sites. Qiang moved to 2nd century BC in Qinghai. In the 121 BC of the Han Dynasty, Huo Qubing marched along the Huangshui River, to the west of Xining, to the Huangyuan County. In the Western Han Dynasty, there was a school guard named Qiang Wei. In 4ad, it was the West Sea County. From 397 to 414, the Xianbei nationality established the Nanliang kingdom in the eastern part of Qinghai Province. Sui Set 西海, Heyuan County. The Tang and song dynasties were Tibet.

The random tool generated 18 entries and recorded a list of the major historical and cultural sites in Qinghai. These cultural sites have gone down in history as one of the few tourist attractions that will come to mind, including the Kumbum Monastery, Qutan Temple, Machangyuan Site, Xihai Ancient City, Reshui Tombs and others.

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