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  • [Site]: Chahai Site
    [Chinese name]: Chahai yizhi 查海遗址
    [Location]: 42°11′03″N 121°48′09″E / 42.1841°N 121.8025°E / 42.1841; 121.8025 Fuxin County
    [Designation]: 4-7
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  • [Site]: Xibe Clan Temple
    [Chinese name]: Xibozu jiamiao 锡伯族家庙
    [Location]: Shenyang
    [Designation]: 6-915
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  • [Site]: Wunü Mountain City
    [Chinese name]: Wunüshan shancheng 五女山山城
    [Location]: 41°19′36″N 125°24′42″E / 41.32666667°N 125.41166667°E / 41.32666667; 125.41166667 Huanren County
    [Designation]: 4-36
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  • [Site]: Fushun War Criminals Management Centre
    [Chinese name]: Fushun zhanfan guanlisuo jiuzhi 抚顺战犯管理所旧址
    [Location]: 41°53′02″N 123°54′05″E / 41.88385278°N 123.90139444°E / 41.88385278; 123.90139444 Fushun
    [Designation]: 6-920
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  • [Site]: Yalu River Broken Bridge
    [Chinese name]: Yalu Jiang duanqiao 鸭绿江断桥
    [Location]: Dandong
    [Designation]: 6-919
    [Image]: Dandong Bruecke.JPGUpload file

  • [Site]: Site of the Pingdingshan Massacre
    [Chinese name]: Pingdingshan can'an yizhi 平顶山惨案遗址
    [Location]: 41°50′02″N 123°55′32″E / 41.83388889°N 123.92555556°E / 41.83388889; 123.92555556 Fushun
    [Designation]: 3-34
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Liaoning Province has a long history and ancient culture. As early as in ancient times, there have been human labor, reproduction, living activities in Liaoning Province. As early as 400,500,000 years ago, Liaoning was the site of ancient human activities, Yingkou Jinniushan ape-man site and Beijing Peking Man Site. The 280,000-year-old Jinniushan man fossil and its remains, found at the southern Jinniu Mountain in Dashiqiao, Yingkou, is the oldest human habitat ever found in Liaoning. The pigeon hole site and the stone tools found in Harqin Left Wing Mongol Autonomous County, Chaoyang, belong to an ancient human Middle Paleolithic site that dates back about 50,000 years.

The random tool generated 53 entries and recorded the list of the main national historical and cultural sites in Liaoning Province. These cultural sites have been recorded in history books and become a few tourist attractions that posterity will think of every time they mention this place, including Memorial Tower of Sino-Soviet Friendship, Fengguo Temple, Mukden Palace, Painted Tombs at Liaoyang, Site of the Pingdingshan Massacre, etc.

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