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  • [Site]: Beizi Temple
    [Chinese name]: Beizi miao 贝子庙
    [Location]: Xilinhot
    [Designation]: 6-490
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  • [Site]: Zhalai Nur tombs
    [Chinese name]: Zhalai nuo'er muqun 扎赉诺尔墓群
    [Location]: Manzhouli
    [Designation]: 6-236
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  • [Site]: Xinglongwa site
    [Chinese name]: Xinglongwa yizhi 兴隆洼遗址
    [Location]: Aohan Banner
    [Designation]: 4-6
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  • [Site]: Wanbu Huayanjing Pagoda
    [Chinese name]: Wanbu Huayanjing ta 万部华严经塔
    [Location]: 40°50′40″N 111°53′38″E / 40.8445°N 111.8940°E / 40.8445; 111.8940 Hohhot
    [Designation]: 2-18
    [Image]: Hohhot White Pagoda 5.jpgUpload file

  • [Site]: Tomb of Wang Zhaojun
    [Chinese name]: Wang Zhaojun mu 王昭君墓
    [Location]: 40°42′54″N 111°41′24″E / 40.715°N 111.690°E / 40.715; 111.690 Hohhot
    [Designation]: 6-237
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  • [Site]: Heicheng Site
    [Chinese name]: Heicheng yizhi 黑城城址
    [Location]: Ningcheng County
    [Designation]: 6-34
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About This Tool

The Inner Mongolia is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, rich and unique in intangible cultural heritage, which, like the material cultural heritage, bears witness to the historical development of grassland civilization. The intangible cultural heritage contains the unique spiritual values, modes of thinking, imagination and cultural consciousness of the people of all ethnic groups in our region, embodies the vitality and creativity of the people of all ethnic groups, and is an important resource for the construction of the ethnic cultural region, it is also the precious spiritual wealth of the people of all ethnic groups in the region. To protect and make good use of the intangible cultural heritage is of great significance to enhance national self-confidence and cohesion, to build a harmonious Inner Mongolia and to promote the coordinated economic and social development of the autonomous region.

The random tool generated 79 entries and recorded the list of the main historical and cultural sites in Inner Mongolia. These cultural sites have been recorded in the history books and become a few tourist attractions that posterity will think of every time they mention this place, including Wanbu Huaying Jing Pagoda, maooleum of Genghis Khan, Five Pagoda Temple, Dayao Site, Juyan Ruins, Gaxian Cave and so on.

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