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  • [Site]: Gaojiazhen Site
    [Chinese name]: Gaojiazhen yizhi 高家镇遗址
    [Location]: Fengdu County 丰都县
    [Designation]: 5-102
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  • [Site]: Chongqing Office of the Eighth Route Army
    [Chinese name]: Balujun Chongqing banshichu jiuzhi 八路军重庆办事处旧址
    [Location]: Chongqing 重庆市
    [Designation]: 1-28
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  • [Site]: Sculptures in the Great Buddha Monastery, Tongnan
    [Chinese name]: Tongnan Dafo si moya zaoxiang 潼南大佛寺摩崖造像
    [Location]: Tongnan County 潼南县
    [Designation]: 6-851
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  • [Site]: Residence of Zhang Zhizhong
    [Chinese name]: Guiyuan 桂园
    [Location]: Chongqing 重庆市
    [Designation]: 5-506
    [Image]: Guiyuan.JPGUpload file

  • [Site]: Zhang Huanhou Temple
    [Chinese name]: Zhang Huan hou miao 张桓侯庙
    [Location]: 30°54′44″N 108°41′57″E / 30.91222222°N 108.69916667°E / 30.91222222; 108.69916667 Yunyang County 云阳县
    [Designation]: 5-380
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  • [Site]: Yang Family Residence
    [Chinese name]: Yangshi minzhai 杨氏民宅
    [Location]: Tongnan County 潼南县
    [Designation]: 6-1034
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About This Tool

Chongqing, known as BA or Chongqing for short, was the site of the earliest human form of the Paleolithic in Wushan County, Chongqing, China, until about 2 million years ago. With a long history and a splendid culture created by long-term living and production, this issue introduces Chongqing’s national-level intangible cultural heritage!

A random generator tool collated 20 items to record the list of major national historical and cultural sites in Chongqing, including Chongqing Office of the Eighth Route Army, Dazu Rock Carvings (Beishan) , Dazu Rock Carvings (Beishan) , China-US Concentration Camp Site, Inscriptions of Baiang and other famous sites.

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