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  • [Site]: Tomb and Temple of Sima Qian
    [Chinese name]: Sima Qian mu he ci 司马迁墓和祠
    [Location]: Hancheng
    [Designation]: 2-56
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  • [Site]: Yuhua Palace ruins
    [Chinese name]: Yuhua gong yizhi 玉华宫遗址
    [Location]: Tongchuan
    [Designation]: 5-119
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  • [Site]: Yang Xun Stele
    [Chinese name]: Yang Xun bei 杨珣碑
    [Location]: Fufeng County
    [Designation]: 6-866
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  • [Site]: Qin Capital of Yongcheng
    [Chinese name]: Qin Yongcheng yizhi 秦雍城遗址
    [Location]: Fengxiang County
    [Designation]: 3-204
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  • [Site]: Bao'an Revolutionary Site
    [Chinese name]: Bao'an geming jiuzhi 保安革命旧址
    [Location]: Zhidan County
    [Designation]: 6-1069
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  • [Site]: Shende Temple Pagoda
    [Chinese name]: Shende si ta 神德寺塔
    [Location]: Tongchuan
    [Designation]: 6-778
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The first batch of officially announced representative projects of the intangible cultural heritage have strong characteristics: some show the outstanding value of the creativity of Shaanxi’s traditional culture and national and folk culture; Some are rooted in the cultural traditions of the communities concerned, they have been handed down from generation to generation and have distinctive local characteristics; some have played an important role in promoting Shaanxi’s regional cultural identity, enhancing social cohesion and social stability, and are important ties in cultural exchanges; and some have made excellent use of traditional literature and art and skills, some of them are of great significance to the preservation of Shaanxi’s cultural heritage, and at the same time, they are in danger of disappearing due to social changes or lack of protective measures.

The random tool generated 139 entries and recorded the list of major historical and cultural sites in Shaanxi. These cultural sites are recorded in the annals of history and have become a few tourist attractions that posterity will think of every time they think of this place, including Yan’ an Revolutionary Site, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Xingjiao Temple Pagoda and so on.

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