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Random Major National Historical And Cultural Sites In Tianjinreport

  • [Site]: Guangdong Guild Hall, Tianjin天津广东会馆
    [Date]: 1907
    [Location]: Nankai District
    [Image]: 1280px-Tientsin nankai guangdonghuiguan Chent 001.jpgUpload file
    [Coordinates]: 39°08′29″N 117°10′55″E / 39.141386°N 117.181844°E / 39.141386; 117.181844 (Guangdong Guild Hall, Tianjin)
    [Designation]: 5-207

  • [Site]: Tianzun Ge天尊阁
    [Date]: Qing
    [Location]: Ninghe County
    [Image]: Upload file
    [Coordinates]: 39°33′52″N 117°45′46″E / 39.564569°N 117.762784°E / 39.564569; 117.762784 (Tianzun Ge)
    [Designation]: 7-717

  • [Site]: Qian Xiang Yi Silk Warehouse Site谦祥益绸缎庄旧址
    [Date]: 1917
    [Location]: Hongqiao District
    [Image]: Upload file
    [Coordinates]: 39°08′50″N 117°10′56″E / 39.147211°N 117.182359°E / 39.147211; 117.182359 (Qian Xiang Yi Silk Warehouse Site)
    [Designation]: 7-1628

  • [Site]: Yien Yieh Commercial Bank Site盐业银行旧址
    [Date]: Republic of China
    [Location]: Heping District
    [Image]: 盐业银行大楼.jpgUpload file
    [Coordinates]: 39°07′47″N 117°12′36″E / 39.129806°N 117.210034°E / 39.129806; 117.210034 (Site of Yien Yieh Commercial Bank)
    [Designation]: 6-889

  • [Site]: Modern Architecture of the Five Main Avenues of Tianjin天津五大道近代建筑群
    [Date]: Republic of China
    [Location]: Heping District
    [Image]: 天津欧式建筑之一.jpgUpload file
    [Coordinates]: 39°06′46″N 117°12′47″E / 39.112831°N 117.213038°E / 39.112831; 117.213038 (Modern Architecture of the Five Main Avenues of Tianjin)
    [Designation]: 7-1627

  • [Site]: Boxer Rebellion Luzu Hall Altar Site义和团吕祖堂坛口遗址
    [Date]: 1900
    [Location]: Hongqiao District
    [Image]: 吕祖堂.jpgUpload file
    [Coordinates]: 39°08′45″N 117°09′28″E / 39.145855°N 117.157753°E / 39.145855; 117.157753 (Boxer Rebellion Luzu Hall Altar Site)
    [Designation]: 2-3

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Tianjin is one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government of China. Its historical and cultural heritage has formed a natural mountain and sea pattern of “pillow mountain and Surface Sea” , which is composed of the Mount Pan, ancient coast and coastal zone, they mainly include: natural features of “the lower tip of Mu Herculis and the water town of Jingu” , which is made up of Grand Canal, Yongding River, the Daqing River, the Ziya River, the Midi,Can.du river, the Hai River River between its tail and its tributaries, as well as many tributaries and wetland depressions, historical and cultural blocks, National Register of Historically and Culturally Significant Towns of China villages constitute the historical and cultural patterns; to Protect Cultural Relics and historical buildings primarily pattern of cultural relics.

The random tool generated 28 entries and recorded a list of major national historical and cultural sites in Tianjin. These cultural sites have gone down in history as one of the few tourist attractions that posterity will think of every time it is mentioned, including Dule Temple, Boxer Rebellion Luzu Hall Altar Site, Taku Forts, Wanghailou Astor Church, Hotel Site, Tianjin, etc.

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