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  • [Site]: Mingfu Temple Pagoda
    [Chinese name]: Mingfu si ta 明福寺塔
    [Location]: Hua County 滑县
    [Designation]: 5-353
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  • [Site]: Kaifeng City Wall
    [Chinese name]: Kaifeng chengqiang 开封城墙
    [Location]: Kaifeng 开封市
    [Designation]: 4-175
    [Image]: 大梁门夜景.jpgUpload file

  • [Site]: Ruins of Ye City
    [Chinese name]: Yeyi gucheng 叶邑故城
    [Location]: Ye County 叶县
    [Designation]: 6-145
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  • [Site]: Youguo Temple Pagoda
    [Chinese name]: Youguo si ta (tieta) 祐国寺塔(铁塔)
    [Location]: 34°49′00″N 114°21′54″E / 34.81666667°N 114.365°E / 34.81666667; 114.365 Kaifeng
    [Designation]: 1-69
    [Image]: 开封铁塔.jpgUpload file

  • [Site]: Wadian Site
    [Chinese name]: Wadian yizhi 瓦店遗址
    [Location]: Yuzhou 禹州市
    [Designation]: 6-128
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  • [Site]: Longmen Caves
    [Chinese name]: Longmen shiku 龙门石窟
    [Location]: Luoyang
    [Designation]: 1-37
    [Image]: Longmen 2008 11 04 004.jpgUpload file

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About This Tool

Henan, known as Central Plain, Yuzhou, Zhongzhou, or “Yu” for short, because most of it is located south of the Yellow River, hence the name Henan. Henan is located in central and eastern China, the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, east Anhui, Shandong, North Hebei, Shanxi, West Shaanxi, south of Hubei, looking North to south, east Qi West trend. By the end of 2014, Henan had 17 prefecture-level cities under its jurisdiction, one province directly in charge of county-level cities and the provincial capital of Zhengzhou. The total population of Henan Province is 106.62 million, with a resident population of 94.36 million.

The random tool generated 189 entries and recorded the list of the main national historical and cultural sites in Henan Province. These cultural sites are recorded in the annals of history as one of the few tourist attractions that posterity will think of every time it is mentioned, including Longmen Caves, Taishi Que, Shaoshi Que, Qimu Que, Songyue Temple Pagoda and so on.

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