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  • 아침부터 기분이 영 별로네.

    translation: I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

  • 지금 중요한 것은 이 격벽을 떠받치는 것 밖에 없다.

    translation: Nothing matters now except shoring this bulkhead.

  • 해설자: 그런 가치들을 떠받치고 있다, 바로 그거예요 (혼선)

    translation: Voiceover: Holding up those values, exactly (crosstalk)

  • 장관들이 가격을 떠받치길 원한다는데 의심의 여지가 없다

    translation: There is no question the ministers want to bolster prices.

  • 우리의 해양 생태계는 영국의 경제를 떠받치는데 있어 중요하다.

    translation: Our marine ecosystems are important in supporting the UK's economy.

  • 이 재설계를 떠받쳐줄 정책뼈대를 개발시키는 작업이 진행중이다.

    translation: Work is underway to develop a policy framework that will underpin this redesign.

  • 송곳니.

    translation: canine teeth

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On this page, you can get Korean sentences randomly. We have collected more than 280,000Korean sentences, which contain almost all Korean words. This page displays 6 sentences randomly by default. You can see the English translation for each Korean sentence. Using the generator at the top of the page, you can also generate a specified number of sentences containing specified words.

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