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Random Short Story

  • What Animals are the sea?

    There are all kinds of animals in the sea. Look!
    They are coming.
    This is an octopus. The octopus is spraying ink.
    This is a shark. The shark has sharp teeth.
    This is a whale. The whale shoots water into the air.
    This is a sea turtle. The sea turtle has a hard shell.
    These are starfishes. The starfishes have five legs.
    These are angelfishes. The angelfishes have beautiful colors.
    This is a lobster. The lobster has strong claws.
    This is a jellyfish. The jellyfish has a soft body.
    They are different. But all of them live in the sea.
  • The Panda in China

    A panda looks like a little bear. It has black and white fur. It lives only in China, so it is called the national treasure of China and protected by the law.
    We all see panda on TV or in the zoo. They look stupid and walk slowly, but they are lovely and everyone likes them.
    A panda is lucky animal. We Chinese like it, and people of the world like it, too. Now there are China's pandas in many other countries, such as Japan and the USA…
    A panda isn't a common animal, it is bridge of friendship.
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Feel boring? Need some fresh things? This page provides 2 random stories by default, all of which are very short but very interesting. We have collected more than 100 stories and you will surely find a lot of fun.

This tool generates 2 small stories each time by default, you can generate a specified number of short stories. We added a small feature, click the Russian word with the mouse, it will automatically select the appropriate text, this is a convenient copy tool.

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