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  • The Hippo and I

    A hippo lives in the zoo. I like him very much. I often go to see him. He often thinks of me, too. Today is Sunday. It is fine day. I go to see him again. After I leave the zoo, he follows me to my house. I give him lettuce, cabbages, bananas, apples and other food. He eats them up. When I sing songs, he stays in the pool. He is as quite as a rabbit.
    In the evening, he jumps onto my bed with me. My mum tells him to go home. He has to pack his bag and go back to the zoo. My mum lets me see him every week.
  • Outside Games

    There are many outside game like running, skating, swimming, horse-racing, hunting, flying kites, walking-races. Of course, football is an out game. Basketball, badminton and so on are also outside game. Some people like outside games, but others like indoor games. They like playing billiard, chess, cards, table tennis..
    Outdoor games invoke more and faster movement. Some active people like them. Indoor games are quiet and involve less movement.
    Do you like outside games or indoor game?

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