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Random Trivia Questions

  • Q: Who sings I'm From the Country

    A: Tracy Byrd

    Category: Country Music

  • Q: Who played bass for Deep Purple

    A: Roger Glover, Glover

    Category: Classic Rock

  • Q: This is a small sandy island north of the Marshall Islands

    A: Wake Island, Wake

    Category: Islands

  • Q: What was the main river of hades

    A: Styx

    Category: Greek Mythology

  • Q: Which soda calls itself the 'Real Thing'

    A: Coke

    Category: Soda Pop

  • Q: What cephalopod is the most intelligent invertebrate, retaining memory for weeks

    A: Octopus

    Category: Whatnot

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About Random Trivia Questions Tool

We often encounter trivia questions. This is a very fun game. This tool provides 6 trivia questions by default, from some common categories, such as Bible, movies, sports, etc. Each question contains questions and answers, as well as the category of contents. This tool can help you complete this game.

In the meantime, you can generate trivia questions in the specified amount. We added a small feature, click the question(answer) text with the mouse, it will automatically select the appropriate text, this is a convenient copy tool.

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