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     The KKK's longevity is, in many ways, a feature of the romantic and mythical status the early Klansmen had in the eyes of many Southerners—a status that sharply contrasted with their recent humiliation over losing the war. As David Chalmers puts it, "The saga of the Klan as the hero and great folk legend of the South stems partly from the fact that the night riders appealed to a sense of excitement, adventure, mystery, and violence." (20)[Ku Klux Klan]

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     On the stroke of midnight on the Chinese New Year, every door and window in a Chinese house is opened to allow the old year to go out.[Chinese New Year]

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     Even as he grew older, Dali continued to be fascinated by developments in physics, genetics, and the science of the human eye. He believed that sight was something spiritual and almost miraculous.[Salvador Dali]

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     In 1988 and 1991, The National Law Journal named Hillary one of the 100 most powerful lawyers in America.[Hillary Clinton]

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     During WWI, 2.8 million Americans were drafted into military service.[Military Draft]

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     Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom have banned indoor tanning for people younger than 18 years old.[Tanning]

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     DNA has a half-life of around 521 years. This means that many ancient species can never be cloned back to life, even if samples of their DNA can be recovered from fossils.[DNA]

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     Snake teeth are always curved backwards. Unlike humans, snakes don’t chew with their teeth. Instead, their curved teeth are used to keep prey from escaping the snake’s mouth.[snake]

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