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     An “Irish Virgin” is someone who is a virgin and is likely to remain a virgin; it is probably related to pious Irish virgins who became nuns.[Virginity]

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     In Scientology, there is no praying and no hell. It is a philosophy and self-help program that promises greater self-awareness and the possibility of achieving one’s full potential.[Scientology]

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     The oldest inhabitants of Cameroon are thought to be the Baka, a tribe of hunter-gatherers living in the forests. Because they are 4 feet 9 inches tall on average, Baka are often mislabeled as Pygmies. Most Baka find the term Pygmy to be offensive and take it as a sign of ignorance or misunderstanding of their people and culture.[Cameroon]

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     The destruction of the Berlin Wall began when private citizens began to demolish entire sections of the Wall without interference from government officials on November 9, 1989

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     Cows do not have any upper front teeth. Instead they have a thick pad on the top jaw

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     The world’s first ice hotel was built in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, in the 1980s by architect Yngve Bergqvist. The hotel has 60 rooms and is carved out of 4,000 tons of densely packed snow and ice with occupancy available between December and April. Guests are issued thermal jumpsuits of “beaver nylon” upon check-in, and their air-lock cuffs help the wearers survive the interior temperatures as low as -8° F (-22° C).[Sweden]

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     There's a lot of gold in the ocean, both dissolved in the water and on the sea floor. Unfortunately, there's no economically feasible way of mining it. If we could, there'd be enough for each person on earth to have nine pounds of pure gold.[Sea]

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     Sheep can survive for up to two weeks buried in snow drifts.Click Here For More Details

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