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  •  For 76 years, Pluto was considered a planet. However, when astronomers discovered that it was just one of many large objects within the Kuiper belt, Pluto was renamed a “dwarf planet” in 2006.[Pluto]

  •  Prohibition, or the outlaw of the sale and consumption of alcohol, began on July 1, 1919 in Chicago. The night before, the city of Chicago experienced over $2 million in liquor sales.[Chicago]

  •  Rock star Ozzy Osborne saved his wife Sharon’s Pomeranian from a coyote by tackling and wresting the coyote until it released the dog.[dogs]

  •  Some researchers suggest that if developers had to prepay 50 years’ worth of utility bills, they would construct buildings differently.[Energy]

  •  You can go swimming in a pool of beer at the Schloss Starkenberger brewery in Tarrentz, Austria. The sudsy bath is said to promote healthy skin.[Beer]

  •  Some researchers note that the popular TV series The X-files (1993-2002) marked the end of the Enlightenment because it depicted a world veering toward “superstition and religion” and away from reason and science.[UFO]

  •  France is the largest consumer of electricity from nuclear fuels in the world.[France]

  •  Even after 6 hours of dying, a person’s muscles continue to spasm periodically.[Death]

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