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     Islam was the inspiration of a single individual, the Prophet Muhammad, although later clerics and scholars made their contributions. Muhammad was born in A.D. 570 to a poor family in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Because it is the holiest of Islamic cities, Muslims from all over the world are encouraged to make a hajj, or pilgrimage, at least once in their lifetime to Mecca.[Saudi Arabia]

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     A person who is a specialist in wine making is called an oenologist

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     The term “maverick” is derived from the name Samuel A. Maverick (1803-1870), an early Texas lawyer and pioneer.[Texas]

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     According to practitioners, shiatsu massages should always be given with the recipient lying on the floor rather than on a table or chair.[Massage]

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     In 1943, a Mexican farmer named Dionisio Pulido witnessed the birth of a volcano in his cornfield about 329 kilometers west of Mexico City. It started as a slight depression in his field and soon became a fissure that emitted smoke and hissing noises. During the next nine years, the volcano Paricutin had grown to an elevation of 2,272 meters and its voluminous lava flows had destroyed several towns.[Volcanoes]

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     The term “amyotrophic lateral sclerosis” comes from Greek. “Amyotrophic” means wasting or thinning of the muscle, or atrophy. “Lateral” refers to the location of the nerve cells that deteriorate in the spinal cord, on its far edge. When these nerve cells die, they leave a scar in the spinal cord that is referred to as “sclerosis.”[ALS]

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     At age 23, evan spiegel, the founder of snapchat, is the world’s youngest billionaire.[awkward]

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     Aquarius woman let’s you be you. she will love you jus the way you are.[aquarius]

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