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  •  The Incas thought gold represented the glory of their sun god and referred to the precious metal as “tears of the Sun.” Because gold was not yet used for money, the Inca’s love of gold was purely aesthetic and religious.[Gold]

  •  A ripe cranberry will bounce. Another name for a cranberry is bounceberry

  •  Barbed wire was invented in 1845 and was largely responsible for putting cowboys out of business since it provided cheap and easy fencing.[awkward]

  •  One major way in which the Republican Party differs from the Democratic Party is in their response to economic downturn and disasters: Republicans favor austerity in order to help the economy recover, whereas Democrats favor increases in federal spending.[Republican]

  •  The phrase “nitpicker,” or one who harps on tiny details, is from the word “nit,” or lice eggs.[Human Parasites]

  •  The Great Barrier Reef is made from billions of tiny organisms known as coral polyps.[Coral Reef]

  •  The Persian Gulf holds 60% of the world’s oil reserves. Iran alone has reserves of 125 billion barrels of oil, or 10% of the world’s total reserves. Iran pumps nearly 4 million barrels of oil each day.[Iran]

  •  The average adult male has about 50% more muscle mass and 50% less body fat than the average adult female.[Men]

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