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  • Du schlägst dich gar nicht schlecht.

    translation: You're not doing so bad on your own.

  • Du schlägst 'nen Typen krankenhausreif.

    translation: You beating up a man, putting him in hospital.

  • Du bist verletzt und schlägst zurück.

    translation: You're hurt, and you're striking back.

  • Mach das und vielleicht schlägst du ihn.

    translation: You string all that together, you might have a chance to beat him.

  • Du schlägst deine Kinder mit Gürteln.

    translation: You're hitting your kids with brushes and belts.

  • Entweder schlägst du jemanden zusammen oder du wirst zusammengeschlagen.

    translation: Either you smash someone, or even you'll be smashed.

  • Du schlägst mich mit stahlharten Worten.

    translation: You strike me with words hard as steel.

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On this page, you can get German sentences randomly. We have collected more than 500,000German sentences, which contain almost all German words. This page displays 6 sentences randomly by default. You can see the English translation for each German sentence. Using the generator at the top of the page, you can also generate a specified number of sentences containing specified words.

It's a great language tool that can help you learn German, or review words you've learned and how to express sentences. So far we have collected Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian. If you want to add more sentences in other languages, please feel free to contact us.

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