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  • 1951年,比基尼在世界小姐选美比赛中被禁止。

    translation: In 1951 bikinis were banned from the Miss World Contest.

  • 这就是为什么有不同类型、不同大小和不同颜色的比基尼,适应不同女性的体型。

    translation: That's why there are different styles of bikinis, in different sizes and in different colors to suit every woman's body type.

  • 视频一开头,年轻的孩子从学校里溜出来,钻进野营车离开学校。在车上他们脱掉校服换上比基尼。

    translation: Thee youngsters are filmed piling into a camper van and driving away from their school grounds, slowly swapping their uniforms for bikinis.

  • 这是1993年,美,最出名的炫耀字符串比基尼,在体育画刊泳装的问题,刚刚被要求炫耀脚保温。

    translation: It was 1993, and the beauty best known for showing off string bikinis in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues had just been asked to flaunt foot warmers.

  • 这是普遍存在的现象。人们会盯着身穿紧身小泳裤的跳水选手的体形看。也会为沙滩排球赛的女运动员穿的小比基尼惊叹。

    translation: That happens across the spectrum. People gaze at the physiques of the divers in small Speedos. They marvel at the tiny bikinis on the women of beach volleyball.

  • 女性应该有充分的权利、戴面纱则是自愿的、不应该禁酒、西方游客们可以在为他们专设的沙滩上穿比基尼。

    translation: Wearing the veil must be a voluntary matter. Alcohol should not be banned. Western tourists may wear bikinis on beaches set aside for them.

  • 那也没有阻止有些奥运观众从某些女性运动服上看出明显的物化,尤其是大部分沙滩排球运动员穿的比基尼。

    translation: That doesn't keep some in the Olympic audience from seeing obvious objectification in some female uniforms, especially the bikinis worn by most beach volleyball players.

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