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  • 两个元帅是来调查一个叫RachelSolando的病人失踪的案件的,这个女杀手--按照考利医生的说法--像蒸发了一样从墙内消失了。

    translation: The marshals have come to investigate the disappearance of a patient named Rachel Solando (Emily Mortimer), a murderess who has, in Dr. Cawley’s words, “evaporated through the walls.”

  • 约翰·考利博士:“我们不知道她的房间怎么了,她就好像直接蒸发了穿过墙一样。”

    translation: Dr. John Cawley: We don't know how she got out of her room. It's as if she evaporated, straight through the walls.

  • 在考利阵亡后2天,他最后的家书到达了他在犹他州的家。

    translation: Two days after Cawley’s death, his last letter arrived at his family’s home in Utah.

  • 印刷术是1475年,由威廉·卡克斯顿带到英国的。

    translation: It was introduced to England by William Caxton in 1475.

  • 不久后,威廉·卡克斯顿(WilliamCaxton)是英国首位采用同样的概念的人。

    translation: Not long after, William Caxton was the first Englishman in England to use the same idea.

  • 像CaxtonFX这样的企业提供预付现金卡,可能是不错的选择,因为他们可能会在你购买外汇时让你来固定汇率。

    translation: Companies such as Caxton FX offer pre-paid currency CARDS, which can be a good option as they can allow you to fix the rate when you buy the currency.

  • 之后先是在对冲基金公司—考斯特集团中负责外部交易系统的数量金融团队任职。

    translation: I started out at the hedge fund Caxton Associates, where I was in a quantitative group that looked at outside trading systems.

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