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  • 品特生硬地回复他当然可行。

    translation: Mr Pinter’s gruff response was that of course it was.

  • 他粗暴的态度让我生气。

    translation: His gruff manner made me angry.

  • “好啦,现在你别管了,”他粗哑地说。

    translation: "Well, never mind now," he said gruffly.

  • “当然。”那人粗声回答,好像他从来没有听到过这么愚蠢的问题。

    translation: "Of course," said the man gruffly, as if he'd never heard a more ridiculous question.

  • “坐下吧,”那年轻人粗声粗气地说,“他就要来了。”

    translation: Sit down, 'said the young man gruffly.' he'll be in soon. '.

  • 若只取其皮毛,粗暴地加以掠夺和仅进行表面的拼接,对画家的艺术前景来说,这种运用图式的方法只能成绕其颈项的绳索。

    translation: Whereas, handle it skin-deeply, loot gruffly or put together its parts superficially, this means should be "the rope enwinding his neck" and might terminate his art foreground.

  • “我还不太傻,”她生硬地说。

    translation: 'I'm not altogether a fool,' she said gruffly.

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On this page, you can get Chinese sentences randomly. We have collected more than 960,000Chinese sentences, which contain almost all Chinese words. This page displays 6 sentences randomly by default. You can see the English translation for each Chinese sentence. Using the generator at the top of the page, you can also generate a specified number of sentences containing specified words.

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