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  • 他其它全部的新闻投资都在网上。

    translation: All of his other journalism investments are online.

  • 我作为记者的职责就是展示事实。

    translation: My job as a journalist is to expose the truth.

  • 我时来运转,在“年度最佳青年记者”竞赛中取胜。

    translation: I got my lucky break when I won a 'Young Journalist of the Year' competition.

  • 他做了一辈子的记者,现在已经出版了一本书。

    translation: A journalist all his life, he's now brought out a book.

  • 我认为一名记者应该完全客观。

    translation: I believe that a journalist should be completely objective.

  • 凡有自尊心的记者都不会为那家报纸工作。

    translation: No self-respecting journalist would ever work for that newspaper.

  • 他2005年搬到了俄亥俄州。在那儿除了做其他事情外,他还当了记者。

    translation: He moved to Ohio in 2005 where, among other things, he worked as a journalist.

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