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  • 苔丝:三天前的晚上,我发现你和多琳在床上。

    translation: Tess: Three nights ago I found you in bed with Doreen.

  • 阿尔贝拉多利安费格是一个奇怪的女人,当她到拐角商店买罐头猫粮时,她总是穿着格子地毯拖鞋和一件家常服。

    translation: Arabella doreen figg is an eccentric woman who wears tartan carpet slippers and a housecoat when out shopping for tinned cat food at the corner shop.

  • 我不知道我做了什么得罪多琳的事,我们偶然在城里遇见时,她对我很冷淡。

    translation: I don't know what I've done to offend Doreen but she gave me the cold shoulder when we met accidentally in town.

  • 欢迎来到朵琳。芙秋天使讯息空间!

    translation: Welcome to Doreen Virtue's Angel Message Space!

  • 老师:多琳,我让你把这篇诗抄写二十遍,因为你的字写得太难看,你却只写了十七遍。

    translation: Teacher: Doreen, I told you to write out this poem twenty times because your handwriting is so bad, and you've only written it out seventeen times.

  • 朵琳:亨利,不能借他们那条船!好,那干脆给他们电视机?

    translation: DOREEN: Henry, they are not taking our boat! Fine then, why don't you just give them the television set?

  • 朵琳:我已经控制大局,回去睡觉。

    translation: DOREEN :I've got everything under control, Henry. Go back to sleep.

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