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  • 20年之前,你的父亲,Jaballa Matark在开罗被抓并强制回到利比亚。

    translation: Twenty years ago, your father, Jaballa Matar, was abducted in Cairo and forcibly returned to Libya.

  • 在欧洲,经前不悦症已从百忧解说明书上被强行删除,理由是它的疗效缺乏有力证据。

    translation: Needed in Europe, PMDD was forcibly taken off the list of indications for Prozac due to lack of supporting evidence for its effectiveness. citation.

  • 但以色列的新总理奥尔默特(EhudOlmert)拒绝了,相反以军还重新攻入从前的领地,而不到一年前他们曾在这里强行驱赶以色列定居者。

    translation: Ehud Olmert, Israel's new prime minister, refused. Instead, Israel's army went rolling back into the territory from which it had forcibly evicted Israel's settlers less than a year ago.

  • 第二是不断上扬的联邦债务,酝酿出了一个愤怒的、共和党占主导的众议院,正迫使总统严肃地对待美国长期的财政危机。

    translation: The second is soaring federal debt that has helped spawn an angry GOP-controlled House, forcing the President to get serious about the long-term crisis of federal finance.

  • 众议院议长约翰·博纳也在议会上指出,奥巴马总统迫使天主教医院和慈善机构“提供他们认为不道德的服务”,正是对“宗教自由的攻击”。

    translation: Speaker John Boehner said on the floor of the House that Obama is forcing Catholic hospitals and charities to "provide services they believe are immoral"--ie.

  • 本实用新型涉及到一种直流钳形表。

    translation: The utility model relates to a direct current forcipate ammeter.

  • 说她是个漂亮女人也太保守了,她可是全球知名的超级模特。

    translation: To say that she is a pretty woman is a gross understatement. She is a world-famous super model, for crying out loud!

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