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  • 但是,如果页面布局的固定宽度是的更小或更大的话,那么应该使用一些使结果推断更完美的近似值。

    translation: But if your fixed width layout is smaller or lager, you would need to use some approximate values which would again result in pure guessing.

  • 请注意,精确匹配如何比近似匹配明显更有价值。

    translation: Notice how exact matches are significantly more valuable than approximate matches.

  • 近似匹配确保了相应地“奖赏”有成功可能的DNA模式。

    translation: The approximate match ensured that potentially successful DNA patterns were rewarded accordingly.

  • 时间戳:通常来说,用户只能近似地知道问题发生的时间。

    translation: Timestamp: Generally, users can only approximate the time at which a problem occurred.

  • 地图上的虚线表示可能尚未完全达成一致的大致边界线。

    translation: Dotted lines on maps represent approximate border lines for which there may not yet be full agreement.

  • 这些动物是在尽量近似自然的环境下饲养的。

    translation: The animals were reared in conditions which approximated the wild as closely as possible.

  • 由于我对代码进行了一些实验,表1中的计数是近似的。

    translation: The count in Table 1 has been approximated somewhat since I experimented a bit with my code.

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