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  • 超声组牙槽骨、牙骨质、牙周膜新生量均大于对照组(P< 0.05)。

    translation: The new volumes of alveolar bone, cementum and periodontal ligament in the UT group were more than those in the C group (P< 0.05).

  • 枪手携带猎枪守卫着公墓附近的住宅。

    translation: Gunmen guarded homes near the cemetery with shotguns.

  • 整个地区都被对公墓的亵渎震惊了。

    translation: The whole area has been shocked by the desecration of the cemetery.

  • 他的遗体已被从昆士郡的一个墓地里挖了出来。

    translation: His remains have been exhumed from a cemetery in Queens.

  • 整个墓地杂草丛生。

    translation: Grass and weeds grew rank over the whole cemetery.

  • 尸体下葬在那个公墓。

    translation: The body was interred at that cemetery.

  • 马姆贝特的墓碑仍然矗立在马萨诸塞州公墓,那儿埋葬着她的尸体。

    translation: Mumbet's tombstone still stands in the Massachusetts cemetery where she was buried.

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