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  • MONDO产品:是所有要求高品质的最佳选择。

    translation: MONDO products: The best choice for high performance.

  • 今天我太饿了,所以午饭时吃了一海碗美味的面条。

    translation: EXAMPLE: I was so hungry today that I ate a mondo bowl of delicious noodles for lunch.

  • 更快、更高、更远,这是2012年伦敦奥运会运动员赞助商、体育装备制造商盟多所希望达到的高度。

    translation: FASTER, higher, farther: such are the hopes of Mondo, a sports-equipment maker, for athletes at the 2012 London Olympic games.

  • 更快、更高、更远:这是盟多对2012年伦敦奥运会运动员的希望。

    translation: FASTER, higher, farther: such are the hopes of Mondo, for athletes at the 2012 London Olympic games.

  • 增加了盟kms客户端密钥。

    translation: Added Mondo KMS Client Keys.

  • 但这种情况很少,毕竟知识渊博的藏家不会买一副被盗而无法公开展示的莫奈名画。

    translation: But this rarely works-after all, a knowledgeable collector isn't going to buy a stolen Monet that he can't display publicly.

  • 莫奈说过:“色彩的亮度,是源于对比的力度,而非其固有特质……原色在与其补色对比时,看起来最亮。”

    translation: Monet said: “Color owes its brightness to force of contrast rather than to its inherent qualities … primary colors look brightest when they are brought into contrast with their complementaries.

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