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  • 法塔赫[正式]承认了以色列但得到什么[回报]?

    translation: Fatah [formally] recognised Israel but what did it get [in return]?

  • 他们全都代表着新一代法塔赫人物的,热衷权力与改变。

    translation: They all represent a new generation of Fatah figures, eager for power-and change.

  • 有的人认为,哈尼耶因为深知自己将会地位不保,他故意说这番话就是希望破坏他们与法塔赫之间的协定。

    translation: Some suggested he had deliberately made the remark in the hope that the deal with Fatah would be scuttled, since he will lose his job.

  • 但他试图在法塔赫中强加一个基于对他忠诚的权威体系,使得在流亡派和年轻本地派中产生了一道难以愈合的裂痕。

    translation: But in trying to impose a system of authority based on loyalty to himself, he created a lasting rift in Fatah between his "outside" people and younger local leaders.

  • 第二是要求以色列、埃及和法塔赫接受哈马斯作为管理加沙边界的一分子。

    translation: The second is for Israel, Egypt and Fatah to accept Hamas as a partner in managing Gaza's borders.

  • 巴勒斯坦民族权力机构希望,哈马斯受到严重削弱后会被迫进入埃及的与法塔赫的和解进程。

    translation: The Palestinian Authority hopes that a severely weakened Hamas would be forced by Egypt into a process of reconciliation with Fatah.

  • 阿拉法特先生也不愿意使自己遭受抵制奥斯陆和平进程的法塔赫成员的批评,也不允许像腐败这种尖锐问题的公开辩论。

    translation: Mr Arafat had also been reluctant to subject himself to criticism from Fatah members opposed to the Oslo process or to allow open debate of contentious issues such as corruption.

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