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  • 大阪・ミナミのお好み焼きといえば、いの一番に名前が挙がる店が、創業から70年の道頓堀 美津の。

    translation: if you're looking for an okonomiyaki restaurant in the Minami area of Osaka, Mizuno, which has been open for 70 years, will most likely be the first to be mentioned.

  • 以下に記すリストは、心から誠心誠意、日本のためを思って いの一番に行動してくれた38名の方たちです。

    translation: The reality of that caused me a lot of heartache and soul searching. Here is the list of thirty-eight people who were the first to help Japan with their all their hearts.

  • 何卒お早めに、いや、いの一番に造形村ブースにだけ、どうかお急ぎくださいますよう心からお願いいたします。

    translation: Please come early... no, please just hurry as much as you can to Zoukei-mura's booth!

  • しかし、金研が東北大学の中でいの一番に復興ののろしを上げ、力強く歩み始めた様子を、いち早く復旧したホームページから知ることができ感激したことを忘れることはできません。

    translation: However, we were able to know, through the IMR webpage, that IMR started to take an action to recover to the normal state amazingly quickly, the first among all departments and institutes in Tohoku University.

  • 外資導入などを積極的に行い"実業界議員"として名を馳せると、これを良しとしない壮士(政治活動家)の、いの一番の標的となり、たびたび狙われ暴行を浴びた。

    translation: As he gained a reputation as a 'lawmaker well-connected with the business world,' for his policy of proactively introducing foreign capital, he became an immediate target of the political activist who were critical about his policy and he was frequently assaulted by those activists.

  • ドイツ・メルヘン街道 メルヘンは時として現実に 妖精や王子様、いばら姫、白雪姫、赤ずきん、シンデレラの故郷にようこそ。

    translation: Tourism in Germany - travel, breaks, holidays Welcome to the home of fairies and princes, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella.

  • 芸術的な装飾が施された書棚は、ドイツ彫刻芸術の傑作とされています。王女たちのサロンは、錫で縁取ったガラスの張り出しがあり、いばら姫をはじめとする、様々なメルヘンのシーンが色鮮やかに描かれていて、魔法にでもかけられた気分になります。

    translation: The elaborately decorated bookshelves are masterworks of German woodcarving, while the dreamlike princesses' salon has a leaded bay window and colourful paintings of fairytale scenes such as Sleeping Beauty.

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