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  • 1897年、東京都日本橋区蛎殻町で生まれた茅舎は、腹違いの兄である龍子とともに育てられる。

    translation: Bosha was born in 1897, at Nihonbashi Kakigara-cho, Tokyo Prefecture, and was raised with his stepbrother, Ryushi.

  • 成都、特別観光:成都の自己日間のツアー - 観光提供連絡先132.811.32890 または028から86728117成都、中国青年旅行サービス ツアードゥFuは茅舎 朝食は成都、Huanhuaxi川に位置しています西ゲートに出発後、唐の詩人杜甫、元居住される成都の難民。

    translation: Chengdu, Special Tourism: Self-day tour of Chengdu - tourism offer contact 132.811.32890 or 13281132890 Chengdu, Sichuan, China Youth Travel Service The Mission time: departure daily Departure City: Chengdu Travel: Sichuan China Youth Travel Service Toll Free: 132.811.32890 Tel: 86-028- Line Number: CD-SELF1 Tour Du Fu Thatched Cottage After breakfast depart to the West Gate is located in Chengdu, the Huanhuaxi River, is a Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu, the former residence when Refugees in Chengdu.

  • そのことから、茅舎と龍子の兄弟が進むべき道に大きく父親が影響したと考えられている。

    translation: Therefore, it is considered his father had a great influence on the career paths that the brothers of Bosha and Ryushi would take.

  • (武者小路実篤の新しき村の第二種会員になり、白樺派の思想に触れた茅舎は次第に西洋思想に感化されていく。

    translation: Bosha became a second-type member of Saneatsu MUSHANOKOJI's "New Village", which introduced the thought of the "Shirakabaha" (White Birch Group) to him, and he would gradually become influenced by Western thought.

  • そのころには画家として独立していた兄・龍子の後を追うように、次第に茅舎自身も画家を志すようになる。

    translation: He seemed to follow the path taken by his brother, who had been self-supporting as a painter by then, gradually setting his heart on becoming a painter himself.

  • しかし、その後の減反や離農により茅場と化している場所も増えている。

    translation: However, due to the introduction of the acreage reduction policy and decrease in farming, areas that have become kayaba are on the rise.

  • 材料の確保については、元来は村落周辺に茅場と呼ばれるススキ草原があった。

    translation: Regarding securement of material, Japanese pampas grass fields called kayaba existed in the periphery of villages in the past.

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