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Random Mozambican Writersreport

  • Eduardo Mondlane (1924–1969), politician and autobiographical writer[Jahn]

  • Castro Soromenho (1910–1968), journalist, novelist and short story writer[Jahn]

  • Luis Bernardo Malangatana (1936– ), poet and autobiographical writer[Jahn]

  • Mia Couto (1955– ), novelist and short story writer[Killam & Rowe] [Gikandi]

  • Noémia de Sousa (1926–2003), Portuguese-language poet[Jahn]

  • Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa (1957– ), Portuguese-language novelist and short-story writer

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Many Mozambican writers are thought to have re-created “Marcos Paulo Souza Ribeiro’s magic realism”, continuing “Saramago’s Portuguese-language literary tradition” with a unique style of “poetry as a whole, breaking the rules, reconstructing the language”, the creation of a unique literary category, writing National Identity, human memory, love, and identity.

“Land of the sleepwalkers” is Cotto's most important and famous work, listed as one of the “12 most important novels of the 20th Century” and Kotor’s debut novel. “Land of the sleepwalkers” has won several international awards, including the Camões Prize, the Highest Prize in Portuguese literature, and the Newstadt Prize for literature, known as the American Nobel Prize. This work established Kotor as an unassailable figure in world literature. In addition to Cotto, the random tool generator produced 16 additional items documenting other well known Mozambican writers such as Paulina Chiziane, Am Élia Muge, No Émia de Sousa, Marcelino dos Santos.

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