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Random Solenopsis Speciesreport

  • Solenopsis quinquecuspis Forel, 1913 (Species)

  • Solenopsis papuana Emery, 1900 (Species)

  • Solenopsis zeteki Wheeler, 1942 (Species)

  • Solenopsis emiliae Santschi, 1912 (Species)

  • Solenopsis seychellensis Forel, 1909 (Species)

  • Solenopsis marxi Forel, 1915 (Species)

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About This Tool

Multi-level division of the Solenopsis Species. Native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, it gradually flowed into the central region with the development of world trade and was subdivided into many types, especially into the Middle East, Central Europe and other regions. There are 201 entries in the list of species discovered by humans, and the detailed information is organized in this random tool.

The insect venom glands of the Solenopsis Species contain a large amount of formic acid, which causes intense pain when it bites, is highly aggressive, can attack crops, humans and animals, and can damage the power supply system by biting through street lamp wires, serious harm to the local agricultural and forestry production, human health, public safety and ecological environment. The exact classification of the species, its discoverer, and the date of discovery are all recorded in the generator for further examination by entomologists.

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