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Random Species Used In Bonsaireport

  • [Botanical name]: Myrciaria cauliflora
    [Common name]: Jaboticaba
    [Example]: Jaboticaba bonsai, June 7, 2008.jpg
    [References]: :66–67
    (M to P)

  • [Botanical name]: Alnus
    [Common name]: Alder
    (A to D)

  • [Botanical name]: Carpinus
    [Common name]: Hornbeam
    [Example]: Hornbeam, 1935-2007.jpg
    (A to D)

  • [Botanical name]: Acer palmatum
    [Common name]: Japanese Maple
    [Example]: Acer palmatum-Bonsai.jpg
    [References]: :38–41
    (A to D)

  • [Botanical name]: Chaenomeles
    [Common name]: Flowering Quince
    (A to D)

  • [Botanical name]: Rhododendron, including:

    Rhododendron simsii
    Rhododendron indicum
    Rhododendron obtusum var amoenum

    [Common name]:
    Satsuki azalea
    Kurume azalea

    [Example]: Satsuki Azalea, 1973-2007.jpg
    [References]: :78–79
    (Q to Z)

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About This Tool

Bonsai and the general Bonsai are different, Bonsai need to spend time, let Bonsai grow not big. Because the basin is small, the root is small, the soil is also little, therefore must remember to water, can not neglect as the bonsai host. And to cultivate a bonsai, at least 8 years to 10 years, so I think like bonsai people must be careful and patient.

Some of the plant species suitable for Bonsai are very numerous, and this is mainly based on the preferences of different families, businesses, and businesses. The tool generates a list of only 135 species, but you can add more appropriate names if you like. When you randomly check the list, you’ll find the full scientific name of each species, Common name, sample photos, and a brief description. Owners of Bonsai tend to incorporate their artistic talent and amazing imagination.

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