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Random Palestinian Women Artistsreport

  • Mona Hatoum (born 1952), Lebanese-born video and installation artist (H)

  • Maliheh Afnan (1935–2016), visual artist (A)

  • Tamam Al-Akhal (born 1935), visual artist (A)

  • Emily Jacir (born 1972), contemporary artist, filmmaker (J)

  • Rula Halawani (born 1964), photographic artist (H)

  • Sama Raena Alshaibi (born 1973), conceptual artist (A)

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About This Tool

Against all odds, countless Palestinian women have broken into the “Male-only” art world for decades, setting an example for young women. They break away from stereotypes and struggle to gain recognition in the world of Art. They connect the past with the future and pave the way for the future generations on the basis of their predecessors’ achievements. These women artists show their excellence and Greatness to the world in different ways.

There are 16 contemporary Pakistani artists, from the fields of visual artists, photographers, painters, filmmakers, sculptors and so on, all recorded in this generator. Using this random tool, we can also find their actual age at birth, some of them young, but some of them have been working in the Arts for decades. These women are admirable and a source of pride for Pakistani women.

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