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Random Polish Women Artistsreport

  • Resia Schor (1910–2006), Polish-American artist (S)

  • Bronisława Janowska (1868–1953), painter, publisher (J)

  • Zofia Atteslander (1874–1928), painter (A)

  • Kali (1918–1998), Polish-American painter (K)

  • Krystyna Dąbrowska (1906–1944), sculptor, painter (D)

  • Katerina Wilczynski (1894–1978), painter and illustrator (W)

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About This Tool

Poland has many famous female artists, who may be good at painting, sculpture, drawing, writing and other different ways to express their pursuit of beauty, while their real feel to the works. The artists had a place in Poland and around the world, and the tool randomly selected a list of 61 female artists whose personal details were kept intact.

These female artists tend to be delicate, their works are simple and easy to understand, for the works of expression of emotion, performance direction is not the same. Those interested can look up the names and works of the female artists in the generator, including details such as their birth dates and areas of expertise.  

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