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Random Scottish Women Artistsreport

  • Mary C. Davidson (1865–1951), painter (D)

  • Anne Anderson (1874–1952), illustrator (A)

  • Floris Gillespie (1882–1967), painter (G)

  • Victoria Morton (born 1971), painter, sculptor (M)

  • Majel Davidson (1885–1969), potter, painter (D)

  • Alison Watt (born 1965), painter (W)

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About This Tool

In addition to plaid skirts, bagpipes, Scotland in all major categories of art to the world dedicated to a lot of classic works. Women Artists in Scotland, in particular, tend to be more sensitive and subtle in their talents and creative gifts than other men, and their work is broad and imaginative. The 162 female artists recorded in this random tool can fully represent the history of Scottish female art.

They excel in a variety of genres, including oil painting, hard-line painting, sculpture, photography, writing and abstract painting, and their outstanding works have been exhibited all over the world, left a deep impression on the international people. On the list compiled by the generator, there are masters of portraiture, pioneers of portrait photography and Turner Prize winners who have entered the Scottish art world by learning about their masterpieces.

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