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Random New Zealand Women Artistsreport

  • Evelyn Margaret Page (1899–1988) painter (P)

  • Juliet Peter (1915–2010), potter and printmaker (P)

  • Christine Webster (born 1958) visual artist and photographer (W)

  • Joanna Paul (1945–2003), visual artist, poet, filmmaker (P)

  • Kathleen Salmond (1895–1946), painter (S)

  • Indira Neville (born 1973), comics artist, educator (N)

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About This Tool

There are many talented and interesting women in New Zealand who have created outstanding works of art in a variety of media. They broke the boundaries of the secular world, made great contributions to the arts, and today have a profound impact on the world. They use their brush, sculpture, architecture, literature, musical instruments and other tools to express their inner world and feelings to the world.

New Zealand women artists are great, and the purpose of their art is to reveal all of us, including our most private thoughts, temperaments, virtues, vices, and faults, and thus to lead us to know ourselves, the further development of our dignity, the perfection of our humanity. The random tool generator produced 167 artists in different fields, but they were all women, and broke through the shackles of the secular world, leaving a valuable legacy to the world.

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