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Random Pakistani Women Artistsreport

  • Donia Kaiser (born 1984), miniature painter (K)

  • Huma Bhabha (born 1962), sculptor (B)

  • Saira Wasim (born 1975), painter (W)

  • Nigar Nazar (born 1953), Pakistan's first female cartoonist (N)

  • Lubna Agha (1949–2012), painter, educator, art director (A)

  • Zubeida Agha (1922–1997), Pakistan's first modern artist (A)

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About This Tool

Pakistan is full of talented people, women are more because of the geographical and environmental impact, beautiful and outstanding. Many female painters are more subtle and bold, and their paintings have different themes and Romanticism styles. They communicate their emotions through dots, lines, colors, blocks, and compositions. The picture is warm and unrestrained, let a person feel the beauty is in a certain place to undulate and resound.

The works of many of these women painters have received very positive responses in the world. They often go to all over the world to open exhibitions, artistic and cultural exchanges, but also to spread the culture of Pakistan. The random tool compiled a list of 19 female painters known to the world. Information about their active time, major painting styles and occupations is stored in this generator. They are the pride of the Pakistani people and have contributed to the painting world in Pakistan.

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