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Random Portuguese Artistsreport

  • Mário Cesariny de Vasconcelos (V)

  • Francisco de Holanda (1517-1585), Renaissance humanist and painter (H)

  • João Hogan (H)

  • Álvaro Perdigão (1910-1994) (P)

  • Maria Inês Ribeiro da Fonseca (R)

  • Vasco Fernandes (F)

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About This Tool

Portugal has the world’s most fashionable art trend, the streets can see art, graffiti, painting, oil painting and so on. Because here the relaxed and free creation environment has also fostered many excellent artists. The random tool compiled a list of 86 great artists to help you identify their areas of expertise.

Some of these artists are Fame, others are just beginning to make their mark. They are good at using the waste materials around them to make amazing works, thus reflecting social problems such as garbage disposal, environmental pollution, criticizing social waste, ecological impact and so on, in order to arouse people’s high attention to the ecological environment. The different fields of expertise recorded by the generators -- from designers to sculptors and painters to architects and performance artists -- did not prevent them from becoming Portuguese standouts.

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