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Random Norwegian Writersreport

  • Johan Nordahl Brun (1745–1816) (18th century)

  • Lars Amund Vaage (born 1952) (20th century)

  • Anne Karin Elstad (1938–2012) (20th century)

  • Henrik H. Langeland (born 1972) (21st century)

  • Peter Christen Asbjørnsen (1812–1885) (19th century)

  • Gunnar Staalesen (born 1947) (20th century)

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About This Tool

It’s possible that you don’t know many Norwegian writers, and that doesn’t stop many Norwegian writers from becoming world famous. Norway, like other Nordic countries, has a unique cultural brand in literature and art. Although Norway has a population of only 52 million, this does not prevent it from being a cultural power. 99% of Norwegians are educated. The local education is also world-class. These conditions make Norwegians familiar with and love their literature and make them the best writers.

At different times in Norway, can emerge a batch of very famous author list. The random tool recorded a total of 257 bits. Many of them won the Nobel Prize in Literature because they were brave enough to express their feelings and displeasure with reality, and as a result, the world recognized a new Norwegian nation. With this generator, you can find lists of writers from different periods, and the dates of their birth and death, many of whom are no longer alive, but whose works still shine.

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