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  • freighter


    a vessel used mainly for carrying cargo.
    a large aircraft or spacecraft used primarily for transporting cargo and equipment: The space station of the future will be supplied by robot freighters.
    a person whose occupation it is to receive and forward freight.
    a person for whom freight is transported; shipper.
  • trojans


    of or relating to ancient Troy or its inhabitants.


    a native or inhabitant of Troy.
    a person who shows pluck, determination, or energy: to work like a Trojan.
    Computers. Trojan horse (def. 3).
  • bur-reed


    any plant of the genus Sparganium, having ribbony leaves and bearing burlike fruit.
  • vercelli


    a city in NW Italy, W of Milan.
  • ambidextrousness


    able to use both hands equally well: an ambidextrous surgeon.
    unusually skillful; facile: an ambidextrous painter, familiar with all media.
    double-dealing; deceitful.
    Slang. bisexual.
  • vegetate

    verb (used without object), veg·e·tat·ed, veg·e·tat·ing.

    to grow in, or as in, the manner of a plant.
    to be passive or unthinking; to do nothing: to lie on the beach and vegetate.
    Pathology. to grow, or increase by growth, as an excrescence.

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