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  • polewards


    Also polewards. toward a pole of the earth; toward the North or South Pole.


    facing or moving toward the North or South Pole.
  • shift

    verb (used with object)

    to put (something) aside and replace it by another or others; change or exchange: to shift friends; to shift ideas.
    to transfer from one place, position, person, etc., to another: to shift the blame onto someone else.

    verb (used without object)

    to move from one place, position, direction, etc., to another.
    to manage to get along or succeed by oneself.


    a change or transfer from one place, position, direction, person, etc., to another: a shift in the wind.
    a person's scheduled period of work, especially the portion of the day scheduled as a day's work when a shop, service, office, or industry operates continuously during both the day and night: She prefers the morning shift.
  • asides


    on or to one side; to or at a short distance apart; away from some position or direction: to turn aside; to move the chair aside.
    away from one's thoughts or consideration: to put one's cares aside.
    in reserve; in a separate place, as for safekeeping; apart; away: to put some money aside for a rainy day.
    away from a present group, especially for reasons of privacy; off to another part, as of a room; into or to a separate place: He took him aside and talked business.


    a part of an actor's lines supposedly not heard by others on the stage and intended only for the audience.
    words spoken so as not to be heard by others present.
  • dibasicity

    adjective Chemistry.

    containing two replaceable or ionizable hydrogen atoms: dibasic acid.
    having two univalent, basic atoms, as dibasic sodium phosphate, Na2HPO4.
  • flor-

    variant of flori-: florist.
  • expanse


    an uninterrupted space or area; a wide extent of anything: an expanse of water.
    something that is spread out, especially over a relatively large area: that great expanse, the sky.
    expansion; extension: the wide expanse of scientific knowledge.

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