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    noun Medicine/Medical.

    painful sexual intercourse.
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    a place on a motorway providing garage services, restaurants, toilet facilities, etc
    the area within which a satisfactory signal can be received from a given radio transmitter
  • random word 3


    noun Chemistry.

    a salt of perboric acid, as sodium perborate, NaBO3⋅4H2O, used for bleaching, disinfecting, etc.
  • random word 4


    verb (used with object)

    to treat as a pet; pamper; coddle.


    a lamb brought up without its dam; pet lamb.
    any pet.
  • random word 5



    pertaining to, inhabiting, or being in a suburb or the suburbs of a city or town.
    characteristic of a suburb or suburbs.


    a suburbanite.
    a short overcoat for casual wear.
    station wagon.
  • random word 6



    having the form of a circle; round: a circular tower.
    of or relating to a circle: a circular plane.
    moving in or forming a circle or a circuit: the circular rotation of the earth.
    moving or occurring in a cycle or round: the circular succession of the seasons.
    roundabout; indirect; circuitous: a circular route.


    Also circ [surk] /sɜrk/ . a letter, advertisement, notice, or statement for circulation among the general public.

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