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  • chafer


    any scarabaeid beetle.
  • harsh


    ungentle and unpleasant in action or effect: harsh treatment; harsh manners.
    grim or unpleasantly severe; stern; cruel; austere: a harsh life; a harsh master.
    physically uncomfortable; desolate; stark: a harsh land.
    unpleasant to the ear; grating; strident: a harsh voice; a harsh sound.
    unpleasantly rough, ragged, or coarse to the touch: a harsh surface.
    jarring to the eye or to the esthetic sense; unrefined; crude; raw: harsh colors.
  • gilroy


    a town in W California.
  • verisimilitude


    the appearance or semblance of truth; likelihood; probability: The play lacked verisimilitude.
    something, as an assertion, having merely the appearance of truth.
  • evaporates

    verb (used without object), e·vap·o·rat·ed, e·vap·o·rat·ing.

    to change from a liquid or solid state into vapor; pass off in vapor.
    to give off moisture.
    to disappear; vanish; fade: His hopes evaporated.

    verb (used with object), e·vap·o·rat·ed, e·vap·o·rat·ing.

    to convert into a gaseous state or vapor; drive off or extract in the form of vapor: The warm sun evaporated the dew.
    to extract moisture or liquid from, as by heat, so as to make dry or to reduce to a denser state: to evaporate fruit.
    to cause to disappear or fade; dissipate: His involvement in the scandal evaporated any hope he had for a political career.
  • asleep


    in or into a state of sleep: He fell asleep quickly.
    into a dormant or inactive state; to rest: Their anxieties were put asleep.
    into the state of death.


    sleeping: He is asleep.
    dormant; inactive.
    (of the foot, hand, leg, etc.) numb.

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