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    the noseband of a bridle or a halter.
  • random noun 2

    future value


    the value that a sum of money invested at compound interest will have after a specified period
  • random noun 3



    a cut of pork ribs with most of the meat trimmed off
  • random noun 4


    noun Masonry.

    stonework blocked out for later carving.
    stonework, as rusticated ashlar, having faces projecting beyond the mortar joints.
  • random noun 5


    noun, plural pu·bes [pyoo-beez]. /ˈpyu biz/. Anatomy.

    that part of either innominate bone that, with the corresponding part of the other, forms the front of the pelvis.
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    any of several plants belonging to the genus Datura, of the nightshade family, including some species grown as ornamentals and usually having funnel-shaped flowers and prickly pods: the leaves and seeds are the source of hallucinogenic alkaloids.

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Noun is a kind of part of speech and belongs to notional word. It represents the unified name of people, things, things, places or abstract concepts. It is divided into proper noun and common noun. Common nouns are some nouns contained in every sentence, such as "bread". Proper nouns refer to the proper names of specific people, things, places, groups or organizations (the first letter should be capitalized), such as "Asia".

We have collected all the common nouns, which means that you can find any common nouns through this tool. As you can see, you can use the generator at the top of the page to generate the specified nouns, which can greatly reduce the scope of generating nouns. You can specify the letters to include, the length of the noun, the first and last letter of the noun, and you just need to choose simply.

In the result, you can see the definition of each noun, which can help you to review and learn the noun. Under the generated result, you can copy all the generated words in the text box.

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