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  • random verb 1


    verb (used with object)

    to attempt to influence by gentle persuasion, flattery, etc.; cajole: He coaxed her to sing, but she refused.
    to obtain by coaxing: We coaxed the secret from him.
    to manipulate to a desired end by adroit handling or persistent effort: He coaxed the large chair through the door.
    1. to fondle.
    2. to fool; deceive.

    verb (used without object)

    to use gentle persuasion.
  • random verb 2



    a release of intestinal gas through the anus; a flatus.
    an irritating or foolish person.

    verb (used without object)

    to expel intestinal gas through the anus; break wind.

    Verb Phrases

    fart around, to spend time foolishly or aimlessly.
  • random verb 3


    verb (used without object), pried, pry·ing.

    to inquire impertinently or unnecessarily into something: to pry into the personal affairs of others.
    to look closely or curiously; peer; peep.

    noun, plural pries.

    an impertinently inquisitive person.
    an act of prying.
  • random verb 4



    Also called Indian corn; especially technical and British, maize. a tall cereal plant, Zea mays, cultivated in many varieties, having a jointed, solid stem and bearing the grain, seeds, or kernels on large ears.
    the grain, seeds, or kernels of this plant, used for human food or for fodder.
    the ears of this plant.
    the edible seed of certain other cereal plants, especially wheat in England and oats in Scotland.

    verb (used with object)

    to preserve and season with salt in grains.
    to preserve and season with brine.
  • random verb 5


    verb (used with object)

    to treat with disdain, scorn, or contempt; scoff at; mock: to flout the rules of propriety.

    verb (used without object)

    to show disdain, scorn, or contempt; scoff, mock, or gibe (often followed by at).


    a disdainful, scornful, or contemptuous remark or act; insult; gibe.
  • random verb 6


    verb (used with object), robbed, rob·bing.

    to take something from (someone) by unlawful force or threat of violence; steal from.
    to deprive (someone) of some right or something legally due: They robbed her of her inheritance.
    to plunder or rifle (a house, shop, etc.).
    to deprive of something unjustly or injuriously: The team was robbed of a home run hitter when the umpire called it a foul ball. The shock robbed him of his speech.
    Mining. to remove ore or coal from (a pillar).

    verb (used without object), robbed, rob·bing.

    to commit or practice robbery.

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About Random Verbs Tool

Verb is a kind of part of speech, which is generally used to express the words of action or state. We collected more than 32000 verbs, which included all the verbs we would use.

This page generates 6 random verbs by default. You can see the very detailed definition of each verb. You can also generate certain types of verbs through the generator at the top of the page, such as verbs containing certain letters, verbs with specified length range, and verbs with specified initial letter and last letter.

This random verb tool can help you learn and review verbs. When you can't remember the meaning or usage of a verb, you just need to input the possible letters, or the first and last letters from memory, and you can quickly find the verb. Therefore, this tool can be used as a learning tool and a word game tool.

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