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Random Verbs

  • Photograph

    [v. t.],To take a picture or likeness of by means of photography; as, to photograph a vie... show whole definition

  • Mortalize

    [v. t.],To make mortal.

  • Suspicable

    [v. t.],Liable to suspicion; suspicious.

  • Plagiarize

    [v. t.],To steal or purloin from the writings of another; to appropriate without due ackn... show whole definition

  • Prostitute

    [v. t.],To offer, as a woman, to a lewd use; to give up to lewdness for hire.... show whole definition

  • Limn

    [v. t.],To draw or paint; especially, to represent in an artistic way with pencil or brus... show whole definition

  • New Random Verbs

About Random Verbs Tool

This page generates 6 verbs by default randomly, from over 18,000 verbs, each generated verb has its corresponding definition. This is a great tool to help you review verbs or as game tool.

In the meantime, you can generate verbs in the specified amount. We added a small feature, click the verb text with the mouse, it will automatically select the appropriate text, this is a convenient copy tool.

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