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  • random verb 1


    verb (used without object), pu·pat·ed, pu·pat·ing.

    to become a pupa.
  • random verb 2


    verb (used with object), ter·mi·nat·ed, ter·mi·nat·ing.

    to bring to an end; put an end to: to terminate a contract.
    to occur at or form the conclusion of: The countess's soliloquy terminates the play.
    to bound or limit spatially; form or be situated at the extremity of.

    verb (used without object), ter·mi·nat·ed, ter·mi·nat·ing.

    to end, conclude, or cease.
    (of a train, bus, or other public conveyance) to end a scheduled run at a certain place: This train terminates in New York.
    to come to an end (often followed by at, in, or with).
  • random verb 3


    verb (used with object)

    to make fresh; refresh, revive, or renew: We need a good rain to freshen the flowers.
    to remove saltiness from.
    Nautical. to preserve (a rope in use) from prolonged friction or concentrated stress on any one part.

    verb (used without object)

    to become or grow fresh.
    (of a cow)
    1. to commence giving milk after calving.
    2. to give birth.

    Verb Phrases

    freshen up, to make oneself feel freshly clean or neat, as by washing, changing clothes, etc.: to freshen up after a long trip.
  • random verb 4



    paper, usually with printed decorative patterns in color, for pasting on and covering the walls or ceilings of rooms, hallways, etc.
    any fabric, foil, vinyl material, etc., used as a wall or ceiling covering.
    Computers. a design or picture in the background of the primary display screen of a graphical user interface: Personalize your tablet by changing the wallpaper.

    verb (used with object)

    to put wallpaper on (a wall, ceiling, etc.) or to furnish (a room, house, etc.) with wallpaper.
  • random verb 5


    verb (used with object)

    to reprove or find fault with; rebuke; censure; blame.
  • random verb 6


    verb (used with object)

    to constrain by seizing and holding goods, etc., in pledge for rent, damages, etc., or in order to obtain satisfaction of a claim.
    to levy a distress upon.

    verb (used without object)

    to levy a distress.

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About Random Verbs Tool

Verb is a kind of part of speech, which is generally used to express the words of action or state. We collected more than 32000 verbs, which included all the verbs we would use.

This page generates 6 random verbs by default. You can see the very detailed definition of each verb. You can also generate certain types of verbs through the generator at the top of the page, such as verbs containing certain letters, verbs with specified length range, and verbs with specified initial letter and last letter.

This random verb tool can help you learn and review verbs. When you can't remember the meaning or usage of a verb, you just need to input the possible letters, or the first and last letters from memory, and you can quickly find the verb. Therefore, this tool can be used as a learning tool and a word game tool.

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