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  • croqueting


    a game played by knocking wooden balls through metal wickets with mallets.
    (in croquet) the act of driving away an opponent's ball by striking one's own when the two are in contact.

    verb (used with object), cro·queted [kroh-keyd; British kroh-keyd, -keed], /kroʊˈkeɪd; British ˈkroʊ keɪd, -kid/, cro·quet·ing [kroh-key-ing; British kroh-key-ing, -kee-ing]. /kroʊˈkeɪ ɪŋ; British ˈkroʊ keɪ ɪŋ, -ki ɪŋ/.

    to drive away (a ball) by a croquet.

  • catechins


    a water-soluble, astringent yellow compound, C15H14O6, found in gambier, used chiefly in tanning and dyeing.

  • gaur

    noun, plural gaurs, (especially collectively) gaur.

    a massive wild ox, Bibos gaurus, of southeastern Asia and the Malay Archipelago, growing to a height of 6 feet (1.8 meters) at the shoulder: now reduced in numbers.

  • deep fat


    hot fat used for deep-frying food.

  • displumed

    verb (used with object), dis·plumed, dis·plum·ing.

    to strip of plumes; deplume.
    to strip of honors.

  • andersen


    Hans Christian [hanz], /hænz/, 1805–75, Danish author, especially of fairy tales.

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