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  • random adjective 1



    exhibiting harmony of parts.
    appropriate or fitting.
  • random adjective 2


    adjective, might·i·er, might·i·est.

    having, characterized by, or showing superior power or strength: mighty rulers.
    of great size; huge: a mighty oak.
    great in amount, extent, degree, or importance; exceptional: a mighty accomplishment.


    Informal. very; extremely: I'm mighty pleased.


    (used with a plural verb)Usually the mighty . mighty persons collectively: the rich and the mighty.
  • random adjective 3


    adjective, plain·er, plain·est.

    clear or distinct to the eye or ear: a plain trail to the river; to stand in plain view.
    clear to the mind; evident, manifest, or obvious: to make one's meaning plain.
    conveying the meaning clearly and simply; easily understood: plain talk.


    clearly and simply: He's just plain stupid.


    an area of land not significantly higher than adjacent areas and with relatively minor differences in elevation, commonly less than 500 feet (150 meters), within the area.
    The Plains. Great Plains.
  • random adjective 4



    having, displaying, or in accordance with good taste: tasteful clothing; a tasteful room.
  • random adjective 5



    a peddler, especially of inferior articles.


    of or suitable for a cheap-jack; cheap or inferior.
    without scruples or principles; underhanded: using cheap-jack methods to evict tenants.
  • random adjective 6



    formed by collection.
    forming a whole; combined: the collective assets of a corporation and its subsidiaries.
    of or characteristic of a group of individuals taken together: the collective wishes of the membership.


    collective noun.
    a collective body; aggregate.
    a business, farm, etc., jointly owned and operated by the members of a group.

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About Random Adjectives Tool

Adjective is a kind of part of speech, mainly used to describe or modify nouns or pronouns, indicating the nature, state, characteristics or attributes of people or things, such as "good". We have collected all the adjectives, more than 31000, which includes all the adjectives you will use.

This tool randomly generates 6 adjectives at a time, and you can see the definition of each adjective. You can also use the generator at the top of the page to generate specific adjectives, such as the letters to be included, the length of the adjective, the first and last letters, etc.

This tool can help you learn and review adjectives very well. When you want to retrieve the adjectives that you can't remember clearly, you just need to input any letters contained in the adjective, or input the first and last letters, which can greatly narrow the scope and quickly find the adjective you are looking for. This tool can also be used as a game tool to play some word games.

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