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Random Quality, Fawcett And Charlton Characters Who Haven't Appeared In DC Comicsreport

  • Doctor Voodoo (Fawcett (Bought out by DC in 1980))

  • Fightin' 5 (owned by Roger Broughton) (Charlton)

  • Golden Arrow (Fawcett (Bought out by DC in 1980))

  • Mouthpiece (Quality (Bought out by DC in 1956))

  • Sniper (Quality (Bought out by DC in 1956))

  • Spider Widow (Quality (Bought out by DC in 1956))

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About This Tool

DC Comics was founded in 1934. In June 1938, the company rewrote the history of American comics by creating the world’s first superhero, Superman, in the inaugural issue of Action Comics. Then DC created a lot of characters, but there were three that never showed up: Quality, Fawcett and Charlton.

It’s not clear why, but DC Comics doesn’t use any of these characters. Then today random tool generator compiled a list of 68 Quality, Fawcett and Charlton character to help you quickly cross-reference the relevant characters. If you’ve ever been confused about which of these roles to categorize, this list will be your most helpful resource.  

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