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  • Kaworu Nagisa on Random Anime Characters Who Died Too Soon

    (#11) Kaworu Nagisa

    • Neon Genesis Evangelion, The End of Evangelion, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth, Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

    Kaworu Nagisa is one of the first characters to seriously connect with Shinji Ikari, Neon Genesis Evangelion's lonely protagonist. After teaming up for a vicious battle, the two spend the night together, and Shinji starts to feel like he can actually open up to other people. Then Kaworu is killed off in the following episode. 

    As it turns out, Kaworu is the 17th Angel, which puts him at odds with the NERV organization, including Shinji. When the two finally square off, Kaworu claims meeting Shinji made his life worth living, and asks the hero to kill him. For whatever reason, Shinji agrees. 

    Shinji's feeling of isolation is the main issue in the series, so it's a shame the one character who came close to resolving this problem is killed off less than an hour after his introduction. If Kaworu had survived, the show's ending would have been much more satisfying (and also way easier to understand). 

  • Marco Bodt — Attack On Titan on Random Anime Characters Who Died Too Soon

    (#4) Marco Bodt — Attack On Titan

    Marco's death isn't explicitly shown, so when the Survey Corps finds his body after an intense battle with Titans, viewers learn nothing new. 

    Not only does Marco's demise add little to the lore of Attack on Titan, it actually inhibits some potential plot lines that might have been interesting. Viewers don't get to see Marco's budding friendship with the prickly Jean Kirstein come to fruition, and Marco never succeeds in becoming a positive influence on the Survey Corps.

    Marco's idealistic views could have changed the organization for the better, but instead, he's just another corpse on the Titans' hulking pyre.

    *Update for Season 3*

    Turns out that Marco's death is actually explained during a flashback. He still died too soon though!

  • L Lawliet on Random Anime Characters Who Died Too Soon

    (#2) L Lawliet

    • Death Note

    L Lawliet's death marks the moment when a lot of fans stop watching Death Note. While there's some cool material in the second half of the show, L's absence leaves a gaping hole that never gets properly filled. 

    Over the course of the series, L and Light Yagami develop a surprisingly intimate bond that complicates their mutual desire to eliminate one another. 

    After Light successfully kills L using the Death Note, the eccentric detective is quickly replaced by Near. While fans are divided on whether Near is a good character, he definitely doesn't possess the same connection to Light as his predecessor. When Near finally succeeds in taking Light down, his victory is way less meaningful than L's would have been. 

  • Kamina on Random Anime Characters Who Died Too Soon

    (#5) Kamina

    • Gurren Lagann

    Kamina is an unrelenting badass whose positive outlook and dedication are some of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's main draws. He dies during one of the biggest battles of his life, and it's utterly disappointing to watch his charismatic hope get permanently smacked down. 

    While Kamina's death serves a specific narrative purpose, it feels like the creators could have gotten where they wanted to go without eliminating one of the series's best characters. Simon, Kamina's adopted younger brother, needed to gain self-confidence and independence, but killing off one character to further another's development feels cheap.

  • Hilda — Outlaw Star on Random Anime Characters Who Died Too Soon

    (#10) Hilda — Outlaw Star

    "Outlaws never go down easy, no matter what happens to them." This heroic proclamation perfectly encapsulates Hilda, an absolute monster of a character who doesn't live long enough to see the fifth episode of Outlaw Star. 

    Most of Gene Starwinds good ideas come from Hilda. She teaches him the practicalities of being an outlaw,  and is the person who convinces him to help out Melfina. If Gene hadn't met Hilda, the show's main story would have never taken place. 

    Hilda dies in a battle against the Kei Pirates. To give Gene time to escape, she detonates a bomb that scrambles her enemies, and is killed in the process. Hilda lives on in Gene's memory, and her spirit encourages him to achieve his goals. 

    While that's somewhat touching, it would have been a lot cooler if Hilda had lived on to fight alongside Gene. If she had been allowed to survive, she could have motivated Gene in a similar fashion while simultaneously continuing her badass outlaw adventures. 

  • Kureo Mado on Random Anime Characters Who Died Too Soon

    (#13) Kureo Mado

    Even though Kureo Mado is technically a villain, his presence on the series Tokyo Ghoul is still missed by fans. Kureo Mado is a First-Class Investigator of the Commission of Counter Ghoul, and a psychotic one at that. Still, he has his reasons: his wife was killed by the One-Eyed Owl, and he has been seeking vengeance ever since.

    Experienced and ruthless, Mado serves as Kotaro Amon's mentor and partner. Mado is obsessed with quinques – weapons made from ghosts' kagune – which ends up being his ultimate demise in Season 1.

    While fighting Touka and Hinami, Mado gloats about his Fueguchi Two Kagune and becomes distracted. This is just enough time for Hinami to kill Mado. He uses his last breath to talk about how he must continue his life-calling of killing ghouls. 

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