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Random NAIA National Football Championship Series Appearances By Teamreport

  • [Team]: Dickinson State Blue Hawks
    [Appearances]: 20
    [First]: 1981
    [Last]: 2019
    [Wins]: 7
    [Losses]: 20
    [Ties]: 0
    [Total]: 27
    [Pct.]: .259
    (Current NAIA members)

  • [Team (Former Names)]: Cameron Aggies
    [Appearances]: 4
    [First]: 1974
    [Last]: 1987
    [Wins]: 7
    [Losses]: 2
    [Ties]: 0
    [Total]: 9
    [Pct.]: .778
    (Former NAIA members())

  • [Team]: Eastern Washington Eagles (Eastern Washington State)
    [Appearances]: 2
    [First]: 1967
    [Last]: 1967
    [Wins]: 1
    [Losses]: 1
    [Ties]: 0
    [Total]: 2
    [Pct.]: .500
    (Former NAIA members())

  • [Team]: Whitworth Pirates
    [Appearances]: 1
    [First]: 1960
    [Last]: 1960
    [Wins]: 0
    [Losses]: 1
    [Ties]: 0
    [Total]: 1
    [Pct.]: .000
    (Former NAIA members())

  • [Team]: Missouri Valley Vikings
    [Appearances]: 13
    [First]: 1974
    [Last]: 2016
    [Wins]: 11
    [Losses]: 13
    [Ties]: 0
    [Total]: 24
    [Pct.]: .458
    (Current NAIA members)

  • [Team]: Bethany Swedes
    [Appearances]: 10
    [First]: 1978
    [Last]: 1999
    [Wins]: 3
    [Losses]: 10
    [Ties]: 0
    [Total]: 13
    [Pct.]: .231
    (Current NAIA members)

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NAIA is made up of 259 member schools and more than 60,000 student athletes. More than $450 million in athletic scholarships are awarded to students each year. Naia offers fewer sports and fewer restrictions on application than the NCAA. The level of competition is somewhere between the NCAA and DIII. NAIA’s recruitment process is simpler, with no clearinghouse and fewer restrictions on contact between student athletes and coaches. To apply to Naia School, you need to register with the NAIA Accreditation Center.

The random tool generated a total of 199 items, recording a list of all NAIA schools that have played in the NAIA Football German champions since 1956(also known as the championship series) . Baker Wildcats, Benedictine Ravens, Bethany Swedes, Bethel Threshers, and Bellsville Tigers have all played in Naia football matches, as well as playing time and retirement time for each team, winning and losing rates and total points.

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