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  • Chucky on Random Horror Villains You Could Totally Beat Up

    (#1) Chucky

    • Child's Play Franchise

    Chucky, AKA Charles Lee Ray, is a spirit stuck in a doll - a common plot device in horror films. He’s a little freaky, he's overly libidinous, and he has a tendency to become obsessed with his owner. Although he’s got a lot of notches on his belt, he’s still just a doll, so you can throw him around pretty easily. And unlike some other possessed dolls, Chucky is still a human soul, and therefore lacks supernatural powers. Burn the doll, or throw it in a locked trashcan, and you’re all set. Unless someone resurrects him again.

    Strength: Small and hard to hit

    Weakness: Small and easy to pick up and throw

    Biggest Defeat: Covered in molten plastic at the Play Pals toy factory

  • Dr. Heiter on Random Horror Villains You Could Totally Beat Up

    (#3) Dr. Heiter

    • The Human Centipede (First Sequence), The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)

    Dr. Josef Heiter, a retired surgeon, was famous for separating conjoined twins, eventually leading to his obsession with reversing the process. Heiter’s intellect is formidable: He can actually carry out his plan and assemble his pet centipede from three human bodies. However, his ego leads him to make small mistakes. He fails to reckon with the fact that his human captives can't be domesticated like his other pets. In hand-to-hand combat, Dr. Heiter would be easy to beat as long as you stay out of his basement and don't drink his water.

    Strength: Vast intellect and a seemingly endless supply of sedatives

    Weakness: Giant ego

    Biggest Defeat: Failing to account for his captives' intelligence

  • Pinhead on Random Horror Villains You Could Totally Beat Up

    (#13) Pinhead

    • Hellraiser Franchise

    A creature from another dimension sent to explore pain and pleasure - yet no longer able to separate the two - Pinhead was once human. More intelligent and articulate than many horror villains, he can be bargained with. Given that he starts out trapped in a magnetic puzzle box (the Lament Configuration), the simplest way to deal with Pinhead is to just not solve the puzzle and leave him there.

    Strength: Can cross dimensions and detect lies

    Weakness: Stuck in a box

    Biggest Defeat: Banished when a foe "opens" the puzzle box backwards

  • The Invisible Man on Random Horror Villains You Could Totally Beat Up

    (#11) The Invisible Man

    • The United Monster Talent Agency

    Dr. Jack Griffin, a chemist, discovers the secret to invisibility, and subsequently develops a taste for world domination. Given his eponymous invisibility, pinning him down can be hard once he gets his clothes off. On the other hand, his slowly deteriorating sanity means he doesn't always make the most rational decisions. The best way to take him in a fight would be to throw paint around, or watch for footsteps in the dust.

    Strength: He's, y'know, invisible

    Weakness: Gradually losing his mind

    Biggest Defeat: Leaving footprints in the snow and allowing a detective to aim at him

  • The Entity From 'It Follows' on Random Horror Villains You Could Totally Beat Up

    (#9) The Entity From 'It Follows'

    The Entity from It Follows is a living curse with supernatural stamina and strength. It can only be seen by those who possess the curse, and it's relentless; it also seems unable to take lives because it’s ultimately a curse and not a physical being. But the entity is essentially just an STD, following targets who have intercourse with someone. One way to eliminate a curse is to pass it along to someone else. Alternately, since the entity can only walk at a slow pace, you could outrun it just by maintaining a brisk pace all day long.

    Strength: No corporeal form that can be attacked

    Weakness: Moves really slowly

    Biggest Defeat: Fired at in a swimming pool

  • Annie Wilkes on Random Horror Villains You Could Totally Beat Up

    (#8) Annie Wilkes

    • Misery

    One of the most affectionate Stephen King villains, Annie Wilkes is a nurse who loves to read romance novels and take care of sick people. Beneath the surface, she’s actually a serial slayer with mental issues and a fondness for tormenting her patients. Paul Sheldon provides a master class in taking her down with psychological warfare - just threaten to burn a few pages of an unpublished Misery Chastain novel. For most folks, it should be even easier, as most folks don't have two broken legs.

    Strength: Lots of medical knowledge, and not squeamish

    Weakness: Unquenchable desire to know every fictional plot twist in Misery Chastain's life

    Biggest Defeat: Outwitted and overpowered by a hobbled novelist

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The random tool generated 13 items for 13 of the world’s most famous movie’s Classic Horror Characters. How would you react if you came across these characters? Do you run like hell, or do you punch, or are you too scared to make a sound? These horrible images have left an indelible impression on many people’s childhood, many people are scared to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. Like Chucky, Minnie Castevet, Dr. Heiter, Norman Bates, Jigsaw Killer... have you ever been intimidated by one of them?

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