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  • Shou Tucker on Random Evil Anime Villains With The Blackest Hearts

    (#15) Shou Tucker

    It's probably not a surprise that Shou Tucker is on this list. After all, he's one of the most hated characters in the anime community - and for good reason. Desperate to produce another speaking chimera for his research, he sacrifices his own daughter, Nina, by fusing her with the family dog. It is also revealed that he did the same thing to his wife two years prior. He committed these atrocious crimes against his own family just so he could keep his State Alchemist certification and research privileges.

  • The Major on Random Evil Anime Villains With The Blackest Hearts

    (#7) The Major

    It's kind of hard to get worse than a villain who was hand-picked by Adolph Hitler for the SS, which is part of why the Major is an absolute must for this list. Aside from standard Nazi wrongdoings which in Hellsing are largely focused on Vampirism, the Major adores war. His gleeful grin whenever he sees other people suffering from the horrific torment he orchestrates for them is all the proof anyone needs to that this man is straight up evil. 

  • Sōsuke Aizen on Random Evil Anime Villains With The Blackest Hearts

    (#4) Sōsuke Aizen

    • Bleach

    Sōsuke Aizen is one of the most notorious villains in the world of anime, and part of that is because of his dark, evil heart. When he first appears, he seems to a be a loyal member of Soul Society, but he soon reveals that he's been plotting to overthrow it for a long time. He uses a combination of murder and manipulation in order to further his plans and ultimately has no loyalty to anything but his own quest for power.

  • Junko Enoshima - 'Danganronpa' on Random Evil Anime Villains With The Blackest Hearts

    (#10) Junko Enoshima - 'Danganronpa'

    Junko Enoshima is acting out of malice and selfishness, which is what earns her a spot on this list. Because her favorite thing in the world is creating despair and misery, she'll do whatever it takes to make that happen - even organizing survival games that turn innocent people into monsters, and slaying both her twin sister and her love interest after convincing them that she never cared for them in the first place, just to squeeze out the maximum amount of misery before ending them. Junko is sadistic, manipulative, horrifically cruel, and an agent of pure chaos.

  • Frieza on Random Evil Anime Villains With The Blackest Hearts

    (#3) Frieza

    • Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, Plan to Destroy the Saiya-jin, Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge, Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock, Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku, Dragon Ball

    You can't talk about anime villains with hearts of pure coal without talking about Frieza. Frieza is in the business of buying and selling planets, and he couldn't care less about the fates of those planets' inhabitants. In fact, he's the person responsible for blowing up Planet Vegeta, effectively committing genocide against an entire species, for the sole reason that he was worried that their Super Saiyan powers might eventually pose a threat to his power-grabbing schemes.

    Never once does he display a shred of remorse for his actions - instead, he gleefully mocks the survivors of his crimes.

  • Dio Brando on Random Evil Anime Villains With The Blackest Hearts

    (#5) Dio Brando

    • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

    You thought that this list would feature the infamous villain Dio Brando, and you were right, because here's Dio! This all-powerful vampire begins the series by trying to ruin his adoptive brother's life by doing everything from framing him for crimes to burning his dog alive. As the series progresses, his power, cruelty, and ambition only increase.

    One example of his terrible behavior involves promising a woman that he won't eliminate her child, then technically keeping that promise by turning her into a vampire and making her do the deed instead. In fact, Dio is so cruel that one of the only examples of him showing empathy is when he takes his father's life - the reason may have been partially because of how poorly his father treated Dio's mother, rather than solely because of his evil nature. That's not much. 

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Anime, especially teen comics, tend to be filled with villains, but the number of major villains is not high, because a series usually has only about three total villains, although that number rises to the ever-present series. However, when you look at some of the most popular comics and compare the big bad things in these series, it’s easy to see that some are more important than others. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of our main villains from some of the most popular animations of all time, to find out who’s the worst of the worst and who’s the most awesome of the worst.

This randomly generated tool collates 16 entries and collects most of the classic villains from the animated series. Among them are Father, Griffith, Frieza, s Suke Aizen, Dio Brando, etc. 

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