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  • Legato Breaks Vash's Spirit In 'Trigun' on Random Anime Villains Destroyed The Good Guy In A Fight

    (#6) Legato Breaks Vash's Spirit In 'Trigun'

    Legato Bluesummers may seem like an odd choice, as he's ultimately killed by Vash the Stampede, but this victory is horrifically bittersweet. Legato forces Vash to brake his "no killing" rule, destroying the only thing that keeps his memory of Rem Saverem alive.

    In this particularly dark episode of TrigunVash is forced into a no-win situation; he has to kill Legato point blank, or else Legato will have Vash's friends, Milly and Meryl, killed. Legato dies with a smile on his face, as he knows that his death will haunt Vash for the rest of his life. Indeed, the aftermath leaves Vash in a deep depression that he almost doesn't come out of.

  • Gon Still Has A Long Way To Go Before He Can Defeat Hisoka In 'Hunter x Hunter' on Random Anime Villains Destroyed The Good Guy In A Fight

    (#17) Gon Still Has A Long Way To Go Before He Can Defeat Hisoka In 'Hunter x Hunter'

    In Heavens Arena, Gon finally gets a chance to fight Hisoka. But it's hardly a fair fight. As expected, Hisoka is still on a whole other level than Gon. Hisoka manages to block all of Gon's hits without even moving from his place. And while there are a couple instances that catch Hisoka by surprise, he is unfazed. Eventually, the fight ends with Hisoka as the clear victor. This is a great fight since fans can look forward to their next match when Gon is finally strong enough for Hisoka.

  • Tao Pai Pai on Random Anime Villains Destroyed The Good Guy In A Fight

    (#7) Tao Pai Pai

    • Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure

    While Goku is nearly unstoppable during the early run of the original Dragon Ball series, the young warrior meets his match during the Red Ribbon Army saga. A deadly assassin named Mercenary Tao quickly defeats Goku, and steals almost all of the Dragon Balls he collected throughout his journey.

    Before he takes down Goku, Tao kills a Native man named Bora right in front of his son Upa. The death of Bora motivates Goku to become a stronger fighter, and convinces him to say goodbye to his grandfather's four-star Dragon Ball so that he can use all seven to resurrect Bora's dad. 

  • Beerus Humbles Super Saiyan Goku in 'DBZ: Battle Of The Gods' on Random Anime Villains Destroyed The Good Guy In A Fight

    (#4) Beerus Humbles Super Saiyan Goku in 'DBZ: Battle Of The Gods'

    Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods marked the return of the legendary anime series on the big screen, after a 17-year absence. Battle of the Gods also expands the series mythos by introducing a character so strong that he can even take down the all-mighty Goku. Beerus, the Egyptian God of Destruction, is so powerful that he forces the ever-proud Vegeta to regularly humiliate himself throughout the film, as he threatens to destroy the Earth if the Saiyan resists. 

    Surprisingly, the proudest fighter in the film is actually Goku, as he ignores King Kai's warning about facing off against Beerus. As it turns out, King Kai was right; Beerus barely lifts a finger when fighting Goku, who gets taken down even after unleashing his Super Saiyan Three form.

    Goku is able to go toe-to-toe with Beerus near the end of the film, once his friends help him achieve Super Saiyan God mode. However, he gains no pleasure from his victory, as he didn't achieve the immense power on his own. When Beerus defeats Goku, it's a humbling experience, as the Super Saiyan God learns that he needs to appreciate the help of his friends. Luckily, Beerus ends up as another kooky friend to the Z fighters, so they (hopefully) won't have to take him on again in the future. 

  • Grimmjow Jaggerjack on Random Anime Villains Destroyed The Good Guy In A Fight

    (#1) Grimmjow Jaggerjack

    • Bleach

    The Arrancar named Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez humiliates Ichigo Kurosaki twice in battle during the Arrancar Invasion in Bleach. In their first encounter, Grimmjow impales Ichigo's best friend Rukia Kuchiki with his hand, then toys with the Soul Reaper for the remainder of their bout. While Ichigo does land a successful attack on Grimmjow — which leaves a visible scar on his torso — he fails to overcome his enemy, and is only spared because Kaname Tōsen intervenes and calls off the fight.

    Even though Grummjow is missing an arm during their second battle, Ichigo still can't outmatch him. For a while, Ichigo has him on the ropes thanks to his Hollowfication powers, but once it breaks, Grimmjow manages to snatch victory a second time. This time, Ichigo is saved when Rukia temporarily freezes Grimmjow, giving the hero a chance to escape. 

  • Nui Toys With Ryūko In 'Kill La Kill' on Random Anime Villains Destroyed The Good Guy In A Fight

    (#10) Nui Toys With Ryūko In 'Kill La Kill'

    In Kill La KillRyūko Matoi transfers to Honnōji Academy with hopes of finding her father's killer, but when the moment finally arrives, vengeance doesn't come as swiftly as she might have hoped. The true killer, Nui Harime, is more of a threat than her bubbly personality and regal appearance suggest.

    The happy-go-lucky psychotic toys with Ryūko during their first fight, constantly mocking her and reveling in her father's death. Ryūko becomes so consumed with anger that it alters her Kamui uniform, Senketsu, and transforms her into a monster. The incident leaves Ryūko scarred, and causes her to hold back during her second match with Nui, which results in her defeat.  

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