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    lemons, fruit, citrus

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    tangerines, oranges, segments

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About Random Pictures Tool

This is a powerful random pictures generator. You can get random pictures from more than one million pictures. For example, you can randomly get pictures of some people, or pictures of some things. You can also specify a category and keywords to generate random pictures.

Do you sometimes need a random picture as the avatar that needs to be uploaded in the user profile? Yes, especially some unsafe websites or forums. At this time, we can choose a random picture as the avatar, so that your real information will not be leaked.

If you are a painter, when you don't know what to draw, or when you want to randomly find some objects to draw, you can also find some random pictures as inspiration materials, which can help you improve your painting level.

If you are a writer and you want to find some inspiration such as a picture to write a story, you can also choose random pictures as the target object to expand your imagination. (you can use Random Words and Random Item Generator too).

If you are a designer or a programmer, when your design is not finished yet, you may need some random pictures to place a place to show the structure of your work.

Using this random picture generator is very simple. This page displays 2 random pictures by default. You can use the generator at the top of the page to generate pictures in a specified category, such as animals, nature, etc.; you can also enter specific keywords to generate random pictures.

You can directly copy or save each generated picture, and you can see the tags and caption of each picture.

These pictures are free, and you can use them directly or even for commercial purposes without additional permission.

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