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  • Skrillex Quest [RPG]

    I understand your inclination to skip this because of its title. It would be a mistake though, because Skrillex Quest is a well made Zelda homage with an eerily warped theme. The game is set inside a NES cartridge that has been corrupted by a piece of dust. A simple matter of blowing on it for those on the outside, but for the characters in the game it's a more involved quest to rescue the ghost of a princess for... reasons.
    The game takes place across a series of distinct stages, each full of glitched cubes that infest their rooms and need defeating to progress. You're against the clock, so you'll have to be quick to fully explore every area before being plunged deeper into the broken world.

  • Mirror Isles [Puzzle]

    Made in Increpare's PuzzleScript engine, Mirror Isles is a simple but taxing puzzle game by Sokobond's Alan Hazelden. It's a sokoban-style block-pushing game with a teleportation twist. Through the exact placement of mirrors, you can switch places with your reflection – a technique that lets you jump between islands.

  • N 2.0 [Platformer]

    It's all about the replays. After hundreds of attempts in which your walljumping ninja is sliced by lasers, burst by missiles and crushed by thwomps, you get a replay of your successful run to the level exit, in which you seem to dodge each threat with psychic reflexes. There are hundreds of levels, and thus hundreds of opportunities to feel so satisfied.

  • Astrovoid [Score attack]

    Astrovoid is a twin-stickish shooter with a great feel to the controls, a whole lot of screen shake, and a soundtrack that does that neat dampened-sound/am-I-in-a-nightclub-bathroom thing when you die. Another neat thing that happens when you die is that your little jetpack hero drops a giant ball bearing (or something), which will bounce around killing enemies in your wake. Your score—that giant number in the centre of the screen—isn't finalised until the ball stops moving, adding an element of Breakout to the tail-end of each heart-racing run.

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Online games are just as popular as music and even more appealing. Many consider online games part of their life. Popular online games are many, such as action games, adventure games, if you want to select some new games but do not know how to choose, this tool may be able to help you. We collected the most popular 117 kinds of online games, this page generates 4 each time, click the refresh button to get the new 4, each game has introduction text.

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