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    Don t Escape 2 [Adventure]

    Scriptwelder's anti-room-escape games continue to impress, and this is easily the most impressiest I've played yet. You're trying to secure a safe house before the zombies come, something you'll achieve (or not, it's possible to completely screw things up) by finding and using items, talking to fellow survivors, and leaving the relative safety of your camp to explore the surrounding area.
    It's a lovely looking game, this second chapter of the Don't Escape series, with a great sense of atmosphere and a wonderfully open approach to its point and click puzzles. Scriptwelder's carved out a real interesting niche here, by tu
    ing the room escape genre on its head and introducing a time limit that constrains the number of actions you can perform before the end of the game.

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    Room of 1000 Snakes [Comedy]

    You probably shouldn't push a big red button in a game entitled 'Room of 1000 Snakes', but even after seeing this hilarious, brief game—from Zineth developers Arcane Kids—to its inevitable conclusion, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Tremendous stuff, with the perfect choice of soundtrack.

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    No-one Has To Die [Puzzle]

    You play as a courier, making an innocent delivery to an almost certainly evil corporation when a fire breaks out. As automated systems lock you alone in the reception, the building's IM chat fills with staff members stuck on the floors above.

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    MapsTD [Puzzle]

    MapsTD isn't the best tower defence game you can play, but it's the only one that lets you defend your home. It uses Google Maps as the basis for its levels. Enter an address, and you'll be given a custom battleground drawn from the surrounding streets and roads.

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