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  • MapsTD [Puzzle]

    MapsTD isn't the best tower defence game you can play, but it's the only one that lets you defend your home. It uses Google Maps as the basis for its levels. Enter an address, and you'll be given a custom battleground drawn from the surrounding streets and roads.

  • Wonderputt [Puzzle]

    It's minigolf, only taken to a charming extreme. In Wonderputt, you're skipping over lily pads, avoiding UFOs, and putting across asteroid craters. The presentation is delightful. You can see the entire course at the start, but with each successful hole it shifts and alters, revealing new sections and transforming in unexpected ways. It takes the simple fact that mini-golf is fun, and enhances it through a lavish series of cutesy animations.

  • Red Rogue [RPG]

    This side-scrolling action roguelike posits that anyone who delves into a dungeon full of monsters is more than a little unhinged. Red Rogue's heroine feels like the most monstrous thing in the game's randomly generated levels. It's the way she and her minion calmly despatch imps: blood spurting across the otherwise monochrome rooms. That feeling can easily slip into overconfidence. Whether it's forgetting to scan for traps or making a poor deal with a chaos god, careless decisions are quickly punished.

  • Spin Spin, Episode 1 [Platformer]

    It's happened again! Someone's let the indie platformers out of their cage and they've started breeding. Spin Spin plays like the lovechild of And Yet It Moves and VVVVVV, taking the former's world-rotating mechanic and latter's clean, spike-filled presentation.
    You play as Spin, trying to get back to his girlfriend after he fell down a hole, the klutz. He can't jump, but can tu
    the world clockwise or anti-clockwise to navigate through the deadly maze. Crucially, this can only be done once per fall, with the direction locked until Spin lands on solid ground.

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Online games are just as popular as music and even more appealing. Many consider online games part of their life. Popular online games are many, such as action games, adventure games, if you want to select some new games but do not know how to choose, this tool may be able to help you. We collected the most popular 117 kinds of online games, this page generates 4 each time, click the refresh button to get the new 4, each game has introduction text.

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