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  • Fallen Swindo [Adventure]

    Fallen Swindon is a browser-based adventure about a capital city beset by strangeness, steampunk and visiting demons. Fallen Swindon borrows these elements, and moves them west for a tale of courage in the face of disappointment.
    Created by PCG contributor Richard Cobbett, this Twine parody pokes fun at Fallen London by couching its weirdness in the mundanity of British life. The job centre promises only despair, the pub fruit machine is a fast route to pennilessness, and what's rotten at the heart of Tesco isn't the meat. It's almost non-fiction.
    Don't Escape 2

  • The Nightmare Cooperative [RPG]

    The Nightmare Cooperative doesn't involve a hellish encounter with an overzealous manager of a UK supermarket—it's a tu
    -based roguelike, like even FIFA will probably be in a couple of years' time. The twist here is that it's a four-player roguelike where you control the entire quartet yourself. Every time you move—once you've rescued your three chums, at least—your three chums move along with you, attacking or avoiding or collecting stuff too, providing there's something adjacent to attack, avoid or pick up. TNC is as much a puzzle game as a roguelike, then, particularly when you take the characters' teensy number of hit points into consideration. Special attention must also be paid to the sound design, which manages to conjure a surprisingly evocative sense of place.

  • No, Birdie, No! [Comedy]

    There you are, happily clinging for life on the side of a cliff when, all of a sudden, along comes a bird. Birds, as everyone knows, are nature's biggest jerks. To prove the folly in not evolving wings, he decides to peck at your fingers. Seriously, birds! They're proper bastards.
    In fai
    ess, you've got a bigger problem to deal with when playing No, Birdie, No: the control scheme. The game is played by holding down A, S, D and F, with each key correlating to a finger on both hands. When the bird stops at a finger, you release that key to raise it, causing the bird to miss and allowing you to avoid a grip loosening injury.

  • A Grain of Truth [Adventure]

    A Grain of Truth is a browser-based HTML5 point and click adventure that stands out because of the fantastically weird world that developers the Rudowski brothers have built. You play as Myosotis, a story trader travelling the Endless Plains to hear the tales of the enigmatic Wiseman.

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