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Random Creepiest Things People Described Their Furbies Have Ever Done

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    A Draw Full Of Furbies

    [ranking: 15]
    From Redditor /u/angelabangela:  
    "My parents kept buying me them and I was terrified of them but I didn't want to hurt my parents feelings. So I would put them in my bottom dresser drawer and leave them there. One night one of them started making it's creepy, terrifying squawking noise which triggered the other ones. I got my older brother and he smashed them with a bat." 

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    Because Mutilating Furbies Makes Them Cuter

    [ranking: 13]
    From Redditor /u/houinator:  
    "My brother had a Furby and got bored with it, so he decided to skin it. I woke up one morning to a hollow Furby pelt (It maintained the same shape) sitting on my chest. Its hollow eye holes were particularly terrifying." 

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    Furbies Have Feelings Too, You Know

    [ranking: 6]
    From Redditor /u/I_Can_Do_A_Cartwheel:
    "So when I was abooooout let's say 7 or 8 I had two Furbys. A Mom Furby and baby Furby. One day my older brothers were f*cking around with the baby Furby throwing it up in the air over and over again until one of them eventually drops it. It ended up making some weird noises, closing it's eyes, and never turning back on. The Mom Furby apparently hears this, makes the EXACT SAME NOISES and then proceeds to die off as well. THE MOM FURBY DIED OF APPARENT SADNESS OVER THE DEATH OF HER CHILD. I changed the batteries in both numerous times and they never came back to life.
    Anywho, Furbys have been a slightly traumatic experience for me."

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    The Furby Rendition Of The Wilhelm Scream

    [ranking: 16]
    From Redditor /u/KyleGibson:  
    "Apparently if you drop a Furby from a high enough point it makes a terrifying screeching sound until you reset the thing. I did not know this before I accidentally pushed it off my bed. The thing started (what 8 year-old thought) screaming out in pain, so then I started screaming and crying and thinking I killed it." 

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    Throwing Furbies Into Oncoming Traffic Makes Them Stronger

    [ranking: 11]
    From Redditor /u/boblabon:  
    "One of my elementary school friends house burned down (electrical, no funny business and nobody was hurt). So we were going through some boxes of his stuff and trying to find anything that was salvageable or still usable. I pulled his charred husk of a Furby out and look at it for a second. As I'm about to throw it in the trash pile it starts talking. I flip sh*t and whip it into the road where it gets run over by a passing ice cream truck. We go to investigate and its mouth is still opening and closing... but no sound came out... The thought of it still haunts me to this day." 

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    It's Raining Furbies

    [ranking: 10]
    From Redditor /u/derpahoo:  
    "In elementary school, I was invited to sleep over at my friend Sally's for her birthday. There were quite a few girls going, we were told everyone was going to sleep in the family room, and somehow I scored the couch. Now Sally loved Furbies, and above the couch was a shelf dedicated to them. There were a sh*t ton of Furbies in different shapes, sizes, and colors on that shelf. So the party is ok, everyone gets ready for bed, and I get comfortable on the couch. Fast forward a few hours, everyone is dead asleep, I myself am in a nice deep sleep. When suddenly the shelf breaks, the wooden part falling behind the couch, while the Furbies rain down on my sleeping form. Activated by whatever the f*ck activated Furbies, movement or sound or whatever, they come alive. I am awoken by a horde of Furbies, all over me, talking and moving and looking at me." 


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If you had a Furby growing up, you probably have a few frightening Furby tales. With their cries at midnight to be fed and gibberish language, these initially-cute-but-later-terrifying beasts went from one of the hottest toys of the 1998 holiday season to a rumored government spying contraption rather quickly. Even if you shoved your Furby in the closet to make it go to sleep, they would still to squeak out "FEED ME," in the dead of the night. Compared to the cool toys that exist today, Furbies could be viewed as straight up torture devices.

Redditors have taken to the internet to share their creepy Furby stories, so we all know we're not alone in our warranted fear of these things. If you've ever wanted to know the creepiest things Furbies have done, then look no further. Check out the terrifying Furbies stories below.  

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