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Random Creepiest Things Fishermen Described They've Seen at Sea

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    Seemingly impossible thing happens in ocean depths

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    "My dad's crew was shark fishing off the bank of a smaller tanker ship, basically attaching meat chunks to hooks and throwing them off the back to trawl in the ocean (South east asia/australia area). My dad for fun made up this large (steel alloy? Described it as being incredibly durable) hook to use. They attach a large chunk of meat too it and throw it off the back. A while later they haul it back in, only to find the meat is gone and the hook is bent completley straight. There was nothing it could have snagged on in the deep ocean as the boat was driving through.
    My dad and the crew were sufficinently unerved, to think that something large down there could bend a large hook like that."

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    Fishing boat receives unexpected visitor 10 miles offshore

    [ranking: 9]
    "I was on a fishing charter boat on Lake Erie, it was around 5 AM, and the water was scary calm and glasslike, and it was so foggy you could not see more than 30 feet if that.
    We all started hearing this plopping sound, like somebody was slapping the water with open hands, and it kept getting louder and closer.
    At this point we had all slowly moved to the other side of the boat not knowing WTF it was - even the boat captain was standing there in total silence as we all just stood there and listened to this plopping sound getting closer and closer. And to the shock of us all, a deer swam by the boat - yes, a deer - it looked to be a very large buck with at least 10 points on his rack. We were more than 10 miles off shore so it made no sense at all.""

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    Experienced seaman describes horrifyingly close meteorites

    [ranking: 14]
    "The thing I have seen a few times that really creeped me out were whilst on watch at night. And on several occasions witnessed meteorites similar if not bigger to the ones caught on dash cams in Russia. Also seemingly close to the ship. Even audible to the human ear if outside on the bridge wings.
    Spectacular sights but also kinda terrifying."

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    Unexplained, "unknown lights" just under the surface

    [ranking: 7]
    "I am in the US Coast Guard, and I recently was assigned to a ship. I was going through our log books to look up something and noticed that on the bridge an "Unknown Blue Light" was observed beneath the water's surface the night before. This intrigued, me so I started looking through more of the logs. Apparently, every two to three weeks they enter lights of varying colors in places you would not expect. Usually white, red or green lights are on the horizon, or in the sky (ships and aircraft). But they seem to report colored lights under the water, sometimes moving around, sometimes stationary. Lights in the sky moving at extreme speeds then immediately stopping or disappearing altogether.
    Sometimes lights are visible to the naked eye but when we try to look at it with FLIR or night vision they are undetectable."  

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    Lifelong sailor describes the effects of fog

    [ranking: 4]
    "Fog at sea at night really f*cks up your senses. Everything is quiet and you can't see anything but the boat immediately around you. You keep looking for lights on other ships and listening for fog horns or the sound of engines in the distance and your brain starts playing all manner of tricks on you. In a busy shipping lane it's a serious business and in a very real way it could be life or death if you miss a ship that hits you and sinks you. You start to see lights everywhere around you. You start hearing engines creeping up on you. You stop your boat and cut the engine to see if you're hearing anything real and you enter an even stranger world of sensory deprivation. It's eerie as hell."

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    Unusual jellyfish completely surround boat in freak thunderstorm

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    "I was sailing by the coast of Okinawa, when a thunder storm started up in the middle of the night. Strangely, the ocean was completely still and the weather was giving us a wonderful light show. Lightning would strike the water and light up everything around us. Suddenly, lighting struck near our boat and we saw the most incredible sight. Jellyfish. Jellyfish everywhere. There's were not the usual jellyfish that you see around the US, these things were HUGE. The lightning would strike the water, and the jellyfish would light up.
    The ocean literally looked like it glowed purple and red that night."


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