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Random Creepiest Things Fishermen Described They've Seen at Sea

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    Fishing boat receives unexpected visitor 10 miles offshore

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    "I was on a fishing charter boat on Lake Erie, it was around 5 AM, and the water was scary calm and glasslike, and it was so foggy you could not see more than 30 feet if that.
    We all started hearing this plopping sound, like somebody was slapping the water with open hands, and it kept getting louder and closer.
    At this point we had all slowly moved to the other side of the boat not knowing WTF it was - even the boat captain was standing there in total silence as we all just stood there and listened to this plopping sound getting closer and closer. And to the shock of us all, a deer swam by the boat - yes, a deer - it looked to be a very large buck with at least 10 points on his rack. We were more than 10 miles off shore so it made no sense at all.""

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    Entire crew of downed ship is doomed

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    "One of my uncles was on a sub in the south pacific during WWII. After they'd sink a ship they'd surface. The crew of the enemy ship would swim to their sub and clung to it as it submerged. Many sleepless nights filled with nightmares of men pounding, scratching and screaming as they slowly drowned."

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    Sailor comes across errant suicide in the middle of the ocean

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    "I came across a man who'd hung himself on his boat five or six miles off shore about four or five years ago. 
    The eery and truly creepy part was realizing what it was. We just saw a boat out in the middle of ocean's nowhere without anything other than blue horizon in sight, at the break of dawn, and there was fairly thick fog, as it had rained the night before.
     Realizing that the figure hanging from the boom was a man was one of the most haunting things I'll ever see."

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    Crew mate spots something ominous amid unusually large swells

    [ranking: 5]
    "I have family who sailed around the world. One day in the North Atlantic, their sailboat was going over some GIGANTIC swells. They didn't have breaks at the top, so it was safe, but the boat was rising and falling way beyond the neutral.
    At the bottom of a trough my uncle looked up to see the sun behind a wave and the silhouette of a whale inside, above him."

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    Huge submarine appears seemingly from nowhere

    [ranking: 8]
    "This was maybe 10 years ago, and I was sailing with my family, moving a sailboat from the Connecticut shore to Boston, and this happened on an extremely foggy day. I also remember the day being pretty windless as well so we were just motoring along instead of sailing. 
    Now, the general procedure for sailing in such thick fog is to use radar and foghorns to try to prevent any collisions from happening. At some point we started hearing huge, loud horn blasts, just repeating from somewhere to our right in the fog. It seemed normal enough, someone signalling their position to anyone in the vicinity, then after maybe 15-20 minutes of sailing and listening to these horn blasts, we eventually came upon what was making them. Maybe 100 feet from our boat, a huge ass submarine appeared, and looked like it's just sitting still. The weird thing was the suddenness of it's appearance. 
    An enormous black shape appearing out of the fog at sea was pretty creepy to me at the time."

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    Sailor encounters strange phenomenon in Bermuda Triangle

    [ranking: 15]
    "During my time in the Navy, we once transited through the Bermuda Triangle at night. Being the Navy, there were plenty of people playing on the whole eerie-ness of our location as it was. But at one point I stepped outside to have a look. It is typically quite dark on a Navy ship in the middle of the ocean at night, so it was quite a shock to see the water actually glowing green where we were. It looked a lot like we were sailing through an ocean full of the chemicals you find in light sticks. It's pretty wild to see, especially in the triangle. I found out later that it was most likely bioluminescence from plankton in the water."


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