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Random People Describe The Creepiest Person They Ever Met

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    The Creepy Teethstalker

    [ranking: 17]

    "So, this guy on a site contacts me, and we get to talking. I mention that I'd had a dentist's appointment earlier that day, and he got really interested. Creepy interested. He wanted me to take a picture of my teeth (he said he wanted to see what fillings looked like). I humored him, and then he started asking for more pictures, at specific angles. 

    "I pretty much stopped responding at that point, but for a good YEAR AND A HALF after, this guy would send me a message every few weeks asking how come I didn't talk to him any more - and mind you, we only had one conversation. 

    "My friends refer to him as the creepy teethstalker."

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    Die-Hard Meatloaf Fan

    [ranking: 22]

    "Definitely this ratty little Meatloaf fanboy at my last college. It was such a small college (1000 people) that most people were FaceBook friends, or were only separated by one degree. He would lurk on FB for any girl who had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and he would be at her room in under 30 minutes. One of my friends staged a fake break-up, and actually timed him with a stop watch. 

    "He glommed onto me after we met at a frat party. Unbelievably, he was in a frat, and I was dating one of his brothers, who revealed to fanboy that I, too, liked Meatloaf. So he would follow me around, telling me obscure trivia facts and asking me if I wanted to watch Meatloaf DVDs with him. 

    "I eventually broke up with his frat brother and became really reclusive for a whole school year. Being a ninja was the only way to avoid him."

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    [ranking: 5]
    "My former roommate (28 year old DJ) had a best friend (male, late 50's) who went by the name 'Lobo'. I thought it odd that his best friend was so much older, but never really thought about why or how he got that name. Unfortunately, I found out when all kinds of creepy stuff started happening around the house. I'm talking real-life creepy here. Shadows and floating orb-like things would appear and disappear; uneasy feelings when walking by a particular bedroom door; my five year-old suddenly started having night-terrors; friends would stop talking and get creeped out whenever Lobo walked in the house, whether we actually saw him or not. Roommate would tell me things like he and Lobo would go out into the woods at night and burn things, like idols, to the one they worshipped. When he asked me one night if I'd ever read this certain book, I said, 'No'. So he got it for me to read when I had time. It was a black Satanic Bible. Those two could do weird things to people. I had a bad burn once from a popcorn popper on my arm. He asked about it, touched it, and within hours it was healed up. No scar. He finally freaked me the fuck out so bad I had to leave. I didn't tell him where I moved to. Four weeks after I'd moved in, I came home from work to find them sitting in my driveway. 'Just visiting,' they said." More Lobo
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    Possibly Van Helsing?

    [ranking: 14]

    "Not a single person has believed this story, but I swear on my life that it is true.
     "A buddy and I were playing a large game of chess and enjoying some brew last fall at Balmer's hostel in Interlaken, Switzerland. About half way through our game, a man dressed in what looked like exquisitely hand-made and heavy black everything (boots, pants, shirt, trench coat, hat) with greasy, wavy, shoulder-length, jet black hair and beard sat down in a chair nearby, facing the board.
     "Once in a while he would make a sort of 'hmm... interesting, I am amused' sound under his breath after a move. We attempted introducing ourselves to him several times, but he did not look away from the board and did not say a clearly intelligible word. Before we finished the game, he stood up and quickly left.
     "That night, we were in the hostel's bar, which was underground and had a unique vibe. Almost like it had been a dungeon prior, but now had 2-for-1 drink specials of the local brew for several hours every night.
     "It was around midnight when we both went out into the courtyard (near where the chess board was) and sat down at a table under an awning. It was raining. 
     "From the shadows on the far side of the courtyard, the same man walks confidently up to us and sits down. He was completely dry and had an indescribable, but not unpleasant scent about him. He begins regaling his tale in a low tone that was barely audible above the sound of rain falling on the cedar roof above us.
     "I do have to paraphrase, as I had a nice buzz going, but remember the gist of his story. He was from a small country, not far from Switzerland, that no longer exists. He and his family had survived for 'millennia' there before being driven out. By Vampires. 
     "He said he came from a line of infamous slayers who held back the vampire onslaught, but just barely. In the mountains of his home country, his family did battle against the vampires, intentionally provoking their ire to hold their focus, sparing the world at large.
     "He went on to say that after the latest battle, their fortress had been over-run. He was in the field, keeping an eye on one vampire in particular that they believed to be top-ranking. After the defenses fell, the vampire he had been watching began to flee. Our new friend had been following him for two months.
     "At this point, my buddy and I were moments away from calling his bluff. I started to say, 'Really...' in that condescending, 'you are full of shit' way that people do, when he hushed me and turned his head, obviously in attempt to hear something. We heard only the rain. He then grabbed my arm. His hand was ice cold. He looked into my very soul and said, 'Get up. Get inside. Now.' That moment is still burned into my mind as the single most horrifying of my life. Words cannot describe the intensity and sincerity behind his words and expression. Before I could even think another thought, he stood, pulled a shotgun from beneath his trench coat and ran silently around the building to the locker area, which has only one entrance.  

    "I sat there frozen, mouth agape, while my friend stood and followed him. But he was already gone."

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    Horror Movie Lady

    [ranking: 11]

    "In Miami at about 2 AM, walking back to the hotel, I spot a homeless woman holding a pair of scissors and cutting the hair of a small plastic toy doll (like a Barbie, but bigger). She was singing some kind of lullaby, completely entranced by the doll, when she started laughing and cutting the doll's head off. She had this kind of shrieking laughter mixed with crying, something out of a horror movie. 

    "Then she looked up and stared me straight in the eyes, her hands still cutting the doll's head and body. I was freaked the fuck out. If it wasn't for the alcohol in me, I probably would have peed myself."

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    Creepy Principal and Creepier Hockey Fan

    [ranking: 13]

    "Two stories, one creepy to me and one creepy to other people.  

    "The first one happened at my old high school. I was walking down the hall when my principal just randomly reaches out and touches my stomach. Really really low on my stomach, like he had been reaching for my junk and missed. This is the same guy who "accidentally" grabbed one of my friend's tits. 

    "Second story happened at the Red Wings VS Predators game a couple weeks ago. Game's almost over, when a super creepy guy (bald, glasses, pedo-stache) sits in front of us and just starts leering at this little girl a couple rows over. I mean, he literally never stops looking at her. For like ten minutes, he's just staring her down. Creepiest fucking thing I've ever seen."


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