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Random Creepiest Call Paramedics Described They've Ever Had

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    Woman digs out her dialysis port and drenches her home in blood

    [ranking: 13]
    "Got a call for a hemorrhage in the early morning one shift last summer. When we arrived we found a woman in her early 70s who had bled out within the time of our arrival. According to the husband and son-in-law on scene, she was picking at her dialysis port in her clavicle region. They said she pulled it out, but were very interested in how quickly they were going to do something with the body and neither were phased whatsoever. It was the most maroon blood just pooled around her and they didn't bat and eye. Asked some other uncomfortable questions and we then turned the scene over to the sheriffs office.
    We were all a bit skeptical that one of them pulled it out seeing as she stayed under their care 24/7 if she wasn't in a dialysis appointment. Who knows..."

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    Elderly man burnt to a crisp while smoking near his oxygen machine

    [ranking: 7]
    "Had a call just after I came on duty of a elderly male with possible high fever. We didn't have much more information because the caller (his elderly wife) was, according to the dispatcher, 'hard to understand'. Anyway we head out get there seven minutes or so later. 
    As we go in, the wife is sitting at the kitchen table just inside the door, so we ask her what's going on. She answers that he 'has been complaining he is too hot all morning'. We go into the next room which is dark due to curtains covering the windows but there is enough light to see a dead man sitting in a chair. Now mind you he was not recently dead, I'm talking blackened-face, rot/rat-bites-around-the-mouth, wasn't-complaining-this-morning type of dead. 
    I set down my equipment and my partner goes to turn on the light next to his chair so we can verify the obvious. As she goes to reach for the light the dead man groans and reaches for her hand. 
    After collectively shitting our pants we jump into action, come to find out he was on oxygen and a smoker. He was 'complaining' about being hot because he was literally burning up. What looked like signs of death on his face were scorch marks and melted plastic.
    To answer the obvious question, I don't know. He was still alive when we got him to the hospital and I never asked what happened to him after that."

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    Woman lets street drug "krokodil" eat away at her flesh

    [ranking: 11]
    "Creepiest patient I had wasn't what she did but the result of it over time. The patient was a avid user of desomorphine (street name 'krokodil'). The patient genuinely looked like a zombie. it was just eating her away, no real nose, ear lobes rotting away. Just opens wounds all over, clear to the bone."

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    Suicide attempt leaves EMT with brains on his boots

    [ranking: 9]
    "A man who attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head was still alive when we arrived. We get him in the ambulance and I'm placing an advanced airway and breathing for him. A piece of his brain fell out on my boot.
    Even months after that call, I could get in the back of that ambulance and only smell brains."

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    Woman tries to kill herself with an old saw

    [ranking: 1]
    "This woman was clearly struggling mentally. She went into her basement and started sawing at her wrists horizontally with a rusty hack saw, bleeds a good amount, and then starts walking around the house. She wasn't dying quick enough, so she sat down in a chair in the middle of the living room, and started going at her wrists again, this time with a pair of scissors. 
    I was the second person inside the house. It looked like a massacre. We searched the house top to bottom, fully expecting to find multiple dead bodies in there. I've never seen so much blood in my life. Every single room had a trail of blood in it. 
    The woman was found on a chair in the living room. Rigor mortis had contorted her body into a really strange, unnatural pose, and her face was haunting. Literally the stuff of nightmares. Her wrists had huge chunks of skin/veins/muscle missing from them. Saying she slit her wrists is inaccurate. She ripped them to pieces."

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    Woman found slashed open on her doorstep with no clue as to who she was

    [ranking: 5]
    "Got a call around 2AM for an 'unknown medical' which is always a kind of 'uh-oh' thing for us. As soon as we pulled up all the cop had to say was, 'Well, I don't even know.'  
    I walked up to a lady, unconscious, in front of her house that had her face cut similar to the joker and her throat slit. She was in her pajamas, no bag, no ID, no belongings at all outside. Her door was locked and there was a dog barking inside, all the lights were off. No one knew what the hell happened and no one seemed to know any information about this lady. No name no age, nothing.
    She was alive when we got to the hospital, I hope she's all right today but I often wonder who did that to her and why."


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