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  • (#6) The First Mistake Was Going To The Warped Tour

    The setting is the Vans Warped Tour 2007 in Dallas. Boyfriend and I discover we can get backstage passes if we sign up on the bone marrow donor list, so we do.

    We get our wristbands and we begin wandering around behind the stages and the trailers and whatnot. Some security guy comes up to us to ask if we would like to meet some of the bands, to which we say "F**k yeah!"  

    We follow him into a building where there are other "back stagers." They inform us that we get to serve the bands their dinner!

    So we stay and are each put in charge of different items. My station is corn-on-the-cob, which also requires me to butter said corn using either regular butter and vegan butter depending on the person's preference. 

    Turns out there are a lot of vegan band members, many I don't recognize. Some of them, like Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage and Haley Williams from Paramore, are incredibly nice to us. There were others though, that bitched if I gave them 'too much butter' on their corn. Others, however, just pass by and ignore me flat out when I ask them nicely if they want some corn. Some guy comes back and actually throws the corn down and says "that butter is nasty," as if I churned it myself. I never actually tried the vegan butter, but I'm guessing it was bad?

  • (#2) That's One Way To Get Out Of Class

    During school, a classmate is explaining her vegan lifestyle to our class. I ask why do you do it, she responds by asking if I drink milk. I say yes, which sets her off and leads to her saying things like "Don't you know milk actually decreases calcium in your body?" and proceeds to yell for a few minutes before she just storms out the room.

  • (#3) TFW Your Mom Takes You To A Chicken Death Camp

    My mom is very health conscious and it eventually led our family to be vegan. When in kindergarten, she was also my teacher and planned a class trip for our 30+ classmates. She excitedly told us how there were going to be chickens there. Cute, feathered chickens.

    Shortly after we arrive at the farm we all detect the undeniable stench of death. Unlike what my mom anticipated, this is not an egg farm with adorable chickens in clean, cute cages. It is actually a chicken death factory, all this poultry packed into cages so tight, many of them are dead while others just trample over each other, all just waiting to die.

    Needless to say, the entire class (myself included) freaks the f*ck out. Screaming ensues, along with crying. Oh, and vomitng.

  • (#13) There's Nothing Worse Than Hypocritical Vegans

    I became vegetarian last summer, and went full vegan on January 1st this year. As a heads up, Veganuary really provides the needed push into a full transition. My brother also became vegetarian and went mostly vegan when he married his wife, who has been vegan for years (most of her life, I think), so I got excited to have something to connect with them over.

    But I know now they're just vegetarian, even eating fish and chicken sometimes. These are the people who made me feel like a monster for eating meat, and pushed me to not eat dairy or eggs because it was inhumane. They, mostly my sister-in-law, would berate me for calling myself an animal lover when I contributed to animal suffering, and now the f*cking hypocrites contribute to animal suffering themselves.

    Am I wrong to be horribly pissed that they did this? It would be different if they'd been chill about being vegan, but they were awful.

  • (#7) Someone's Never Had To Buy Groceries

    My friend goes into my fridge and literally throws away all my meat, but I'm not sure if veganism or simple craziness is to blame for this

  • (#8) What Doesn't Give You Cancer?

    I get into a mildly heated discussion with a lady friend about whether or not milk gives you cancer. When I ask her what she believe the mechanism might be, why it differs from human milk, she simply says "I don't know I just think it does."

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