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Random Famous People Recount The Moment They Became Vegan

  • Ellen Pompeo on Random Famous People Recount The Moment They Became Vegan

    (#8) Ellen Pompeo

    • 49

    Ellen Pompeo has played famed surgeon Dr. Meredith Grey on the ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy since 2005. In 2018, it was her own doctor who inspired the actress to adopt a vegan diet in order to help prevent breast cancer. During a routine health check, Dr. Kristi Funk told Pompeo about her book Breasts: The Owner's Manual. The read inspired the actress to become vegan and to also turn her husband and three children onto a plant-based diet. 

    The dietary change turned out to be an easier transition than she originally expected. Pompeo explains:

    It’s super fun. I don’t think it’s tricky at all - it’s actually easier because meat you have to cook it before it goes bad. Grains and lentils and rice and beans, everything’s in the pantry already. You just have to get vegetables, but vegetables stay good for a week - and I think we all feel better.

  • Woody Harrelson on Random Famous People Recount The Moment They Became Vegan

    (#1) Woody Harrelson

    • 57

    As a struggling actor in his 20s, Woody Harrelson was living in New York City. While riding the bus one day, a girl told him the secret to getting rid of his acne:

    I was on a bus and some girl sees me blowing my nose. I had acne all over my face, which I'd had for years and years. And she's like: "Hey, you're lactose intolerant. If you quit dairy, all these symptoms you got will be gone in three days." I was like 24. And I was like, No way. But three days later: gone.

    Harrelson is a raw vegan. The True Detective actor also does not eat sugar or flour. Harrelson lives with his family on a working organic farm in Maui. 

  • Natalie Portman on Random Famous People Recount The Moment They Became Vegan

    (#4) Natalie Portman

    • 37

    Jonathan Safran Foer's book, Eating Animals, had a huge impact on Natalie Portman. The actress not only went from vegetarian to vegan after reading the 2009 bestseller about the detriments of industry farming and animal abuse, but also helped to adapt the novel into a 2017 documentary of the same name. Portman served as co-producer and narrator on the project. She was pregnant with her son when she decided to remove dairy and eggs from her diet: 

    When I read the book, that was what made me become a vegan. I think until then, I had thought, "Oh, with eggs and dairy, you’re not [harming] animals. It’s just their natural byproducts." But when I started learning about the conditions - and the environmental effect of all these animals and the impact on humans of having large groups of sick animals together, it really made me want to change immediately.

    The Academy Award-winning actress has also become a voice for the vegan lifestyle. She often publicly talks about both the health benefits and positive environmental impact the switch to a plant-based diet has on an individual and the rest of the world. Portman believes that it's now easier than ever to switch to a vegan diet: 

    I feel like there’s a lot more vegetarian and vegan places opening all the time. I mean, in LA, we’re spoiled - but even in New York. And places like Shake Shack have a vegetarian option now. It’s obviously something that consumers are demanding more. Things like the Impossible Burger and Kite Hill cheese and Van Leeuwen’s vegan ice cream, those things pop up and create really incredible alternatives. People don’t feel like they’re sacrificing anything. They can still have delicious food and not be harming the planet.

  • Portia de Rossi on Random Famous People Recount The Moment They Became Vegan

    (#15) Portia de Rossi

    • 46

    Portia de Rossi always considered herself an animal lover. However, she did not place all animals on the same level. The actress and her wife Ellen DeGeneres moved to a farm in California, which was home to several cows and calves.

    After the couple adopted a horse, de Rossi noticed how the cows interacted with it: 

    The cows formed a single-file line, and one by one they touched noses with the new horse as a greeting. The calves wouldn't approach on their own, so one of the cows nudged them forward. Each of the babies touched the horse's nose, then jumped around and played like little children.

    The interaction between the animals was an emotional one for de Rossi:

    I started crying and thought, I can't possibly keep eating these animals. Before that moment, I wouldn't have fathomed cows doing something like that. I was forced to confront the fact that I had chosen to remain ignorant of their nature because it was just easier that way.

    Over the course of the next year, the Arrested Development star went completely vegan. She said she no longer craves cheese or meat and feels happier:

    Before that morning on the farm, I ranked an animal's value based on how "human" it was. Now I don't judge other beings that way - every animal has its own intelligence and sensitivities. They're all lovely, worthwhile, and deserving of our respect.

  • Ne-Yo on Random Famous People Recount The Moment They Became Vegan

    (#6) Ne-Yo

    • 36

    Ne-Yo watched the 2017 documentary What the Health and it prompted him to go vegan. The doc attempts to link serious health problems with consuming meat and dairy, and accuses the government of trying to cover up this link. 

    The Grammy Award-winning artist and father of four credits the vegan lifestyle with several personal health benefits. "I am loving it," Ne-Yo told Us Weekly. "I genuinely am. It’s been about two years. More energy, my face clears up, weight falls off. I lost, like, 30 pounds!"

    What the Health claims government and big business are in bed together to keep people sick in the name of generating trillions of dollars in health care costs. The documentary's message made the singer-songwriter angry:

    Initially, I watched the documentary What the Health, and to put it frankly, it pissed me off. It really did. I was like, let me get this straight: The person giving you the disease and the person fighting the disease are in bed together? To hell with y’all.

    Ne-Yo added, "Out of spite, I went vegan because I was like, y’all don’t care."

  • Miley Cyrus on Random Famous People Recount The Moment They Became Vegan

    (#18) Miley Cyrus

    • 26

    Miley Cyrus is an avid animal rights activist. She decided to go vegan when she was 22 years old after her dog was mauled by a coyote. The incident made the pop star give up all animal products.

    Since then, Cyrus has not only embraced a vegan diet, but she also lives a totally animal-free lifestyle, which includes her wardrobe. The "Wrecking Ball" singer explained: 

    Choosing to live as a sustainable vegan activist means wearing more vintage (less waste; loving pieces for longer), playing with the newest eco-materials and technology, and making custom vegan pieces with some of my favorite designers.

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