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  • (#5) Follow The Banana

    From Redditor /u/lions_n_stuff:

    I got into the car for one of my first lessons, and there was plastic fruit taped to the dashboard. My instructor saw me glance at them, and it was like the floodgates opened and all those months of pent-up frustration just came pouring out.

    Apparently he had been teaching this middle-aged woman for almost a year at that point. She kept failing the test, once because she tried to turn left onto a roundabout. Another time she was told to drive towards a certain town, so she stopped in the middle of the road to carefully read the sign in front of her. I was like, "Why not just tell her to turn left, if you already know she's kinda incompetent?" Well, she also had huge problems telling apart left and right.

    That week, my instructor had finally given up on debating the difference with her and taped his kid's toy fruit to the dash, so he could go, "Turn towards the grapes/banana, please," which seemed to work much better.

  • (#14) Flipping Out

    From Redditor /u/PM_ME_YOUR_SNAPPLE:

    A former driving teacher told us a story about how a girl, first time driving, flipped the car on its back during the road practice with another student in the car in the back seat. The car was on a low-rise bridge. She hit the guard rail, and the car came crashing down and landed on its back. The first thing my driver instructor heard immediately after the crash was the kid in the back saying, "Well, I'm guessing I'm not driving today.”

  • (#3) Lights! Yellow! Action!

    From Redditor /u/Ahhmedical:

    She was approaching a yellow light going the speed limit of 50 kph. She saw her chance to strike and makes a jump for the light going 15 kph over the [speed] limit and catching the yellow light. While doing this, she yells at the instructor, "We can make it!" Like she came from Top Gun training and zooms through. Only to find out she didn't pass when she completed the course.

  • (#11) Bird Mishandling

    From Redditor /u/cb0159:

    When I went to take my test, the instructor got in and commented on the car being clean. She was quite happy, because earlier in the day she was giving a test and felt something odd on her arm. They had hit a bird on the way to the exam and stuffed it in the center console with feathers sticking out. She told the examiner they were keeping it for dinner.

  • (#9) Scary Smells 

    From Redditor /u/TheCaptainCog:

    Apparently it was this poor kid's first time on the highway. He was extremely nervous, but the instructor tried to keep him calm and say it would be fine. They go onto the highway and my instructor said she began to smell something really bad. She thought that maybe he had some nervous gas or something. No big deal.

    After a while the smell should have dissipated, but instead became stronger and more concentrated. She opened the window on the highway, trying not to gag the whole time. She couldn't figure out if it was sh*t or the car was broken or something, but the smell was hair-burning bad, she said.

    A bit after that, the smell did not go away, but she took the kid home. The smell was worse than ever, and she tried to figure out what it was. As the kid got out of the car, she noticed something on the back of his neck - poop. Liquid poop. And not only that, it was everywhere: on the seat, on his shirt, on the instructor's mat. Everywhere!

    It must have been some explosive sh*t, because it got onto his neck. His back was soaked from the poop and his pants looked like a kindergarten kid learning to paint. When he stood up, it pooled in the seat, in the mat, and it was bad. He asked if he could help, but she told him no, it was all right.

  • (#6) Horse Crossing

    From Redditor /u/paipaicool:

    My driving instructor told me once he convinced a girl that at an equestrian crossing, the horse presses the button with its nose.

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