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Random People Who Have Had To Defend Themselves Against Home Intruders Explain How They Did It

  • (#1) She Was Saved By The Dog

    From Redditor /u/wewillbekyu:

    There was a guy hanging around my apartment complex for at least five hours claiming to have been waiting for someone. At night, my husband went out to walk our dog and I was in the bathroom.

    He realized he didn't lock the door and remembered that guy, turned back after only a minute, and found the guy in the process of opening our door. My husband is 6'4" and my dog is a 65-pound bull terrier. My husband started yelling, but what I saw scared the sh*t out of him the most was my dog trying to take him down. Never saw that guy again.

  • (#13) A Jealous Lover Tried To Break In

    From Redditor /u/stephancypantsu:

    This was in college, in a three bedroom apartment. One of my roommates lived there with his girlfriend. His girlfriend started cheating on him with a guy she met at work (all three of them worked at the same place, but my roommate's girlfriend and the other guy worked in a different building). The other guy got really drunk one night and wanted to come into our apartment to fight my roommate and take his girlfriend away with him. We tossed him out and locked the door.

    He started screaming and beating on the door over and over again. We told him to leave or we would call the cops. He left for maybe two minutes before he was back, pounding on the door again. I confronted him several times through the door about leaving, but he was just getting more and more violent. Eventually he stopped banging on the door for a few moments before slamming into the door and breaking it open.

    My two roommates and I immediately started beating the sh*t out of this guy to the point where he couldn't stand up anymore. We tossed him into the hallway, closed the door, and called the cops. The cops took him away, we filed a police report for the damages, and figured that was the end.

    It was certainly the end of my roommate’s relationship. His ex moved out a couple days later. Turns out she went straight to that other guy and they both left the state and he skipped his court date. As far as I know, those two moved to an adjacent state and are still together.

  • (#7) This Grandma Chased Off Thieves With Her Slipper

    From Redditor /u/chestertoronto:

    My girlfriend’s 80-year-old Portuguese grandmother was intruded upon. She lives alone in a big house because she loves her independence. They must have targeted her because she’s old and alone.

    They broke in the middle of the day assuming she wasn't there. She had just woken up from a nap when she peered out the bedroom seeing them. Most people would hide and call the cops, but no, Vavo fights! She screamed, “Wya you heeer!!!!” and chased them with a slipper.

    I think they were so shocked she was home; they bolted out the front door.

    An 80-year-old frail woman chased two guys out of her house with a slipper.

  • (#9) This Invader Wasn't A Stranger

    From Redditor /u/bighelper:

    Four years ago, I got in an argument at a party that escalated into a minor fight. The other guy was an old friend who had recently moved back to town after living elsewhere for a decade. After the scuffle, we made up, hung out for another hour or so, and I walked him most of the way to his house. Mine was only three blocks away from his.

    I woke up in a dead panic a couple hours later to the sound of glass breaking. Someone was battering my garage door trying to get through, and not being quiet about it. I called 911, explained my situation, and posted up next to my living room door with a baseball bat. I left the phone on the ground still on the line with emergency. The intruder made it through the last door and I attacked with the bat. I connected about five or six solid hits to the head and one to the ribs before the intruder collapsed.

    Turned on the light and I recognize this person. It's the wife of the guy I fought with the evening before. She had a weapon on her, too. Police came, ambulance took her away, and everyone left after a few hours.

    It was awful. She admitted to trying to attack me in my sleep to the police. I declined to press charges after speaking with her husband, so long as she got adequate psychological help. She spent two months in ICU but ultimately pulled through. She's been nothing but a nightmare to everyone I know since then.

  • (#14) Someone Tried To Rob His House Multiple Times

    From Redditor /u/mybrainisasquid:

    A couple of years ago, I lived in a duplex on a busy road, pretty much right on the divide between state university territory and a not-so-great part of town. We got a decent amount of foot traffic, in part because of the university. My duplex was on the corner, facing the side street. I was in the half farther away from the busy road and my front door was inside the fenced backyard. I lived alone with my dog and my cats. On the other side of the duplex, I only ever met Jake and his brother, but I think their parents lived there as well.

    Anyway, one day I get home from work at the usual time, 4:30 PM or so, and as soon as I get in the door, there's a knock. I look out the peephole and it's Jake, so I'm feeling apprehensive because we've spoken like twice ever and I can't imagine what he's about to say to me.

    Well, I open the door and he looks apprehensive too. He asks me if I've looked in my kitchen closet. I say no, because all that's in there is a water heater and a shelf I keep my holiday decorations on. But I do go and open it, and there's a big f*cking hole in the wall of the closet, drywall and stuff all over the floor, and I can see Jake's family's living room through it.

    So Jake tells me that right before I got home, they got home as well, and they surprised a burglar who had broken in on their side. The burglar freaked out and grabbed a knife, and then proceeded to try to smash through their living room wall to escape through my apartment, but as soon as my dog heard the commotion, she started barking like crazy.

    She sounded so scary (he couldn't see her because the closet door was shut) that he changed his mind and just ran past the neighbors and out their door. He didn't even have time to steal anything. I basically just missed all this, too. I was so proud of my girl.

    Another time shortly after that, I came home again around 4:30 PM and surprised someone who was inside the backyard trying to break the window to get inside the house. My half of the house didn't have any windows in the backyard, so if he had succeeded he would have ended up in Jake's bedroom. The guy ran out the gate, right past me, carrying a backpack and took off down the road. I have always wondered if it was the same guy, but it seems just as likely that it wasn't.

  • (#6) He Recognized The Wannabe Burglar

    From Redditor /u/dogtheplank:

    When I was about 16 or so, my dad, brother, and I were on the way home from church and saw that a truck we didn’t recognize was parked in front of our house. We had a long driveway, so by the time we pulled up and parked, my dad had told my brother and I to stay in the car as he figured out what whoever it was wanted.

    When we got close enough, we noticed that the guy - a big dude in his 40s, easily 6’6” with a giant beer belly - was hunched over by the front door. My dad is a teacher in a tiny town, so it wasn’t a surprise that he recognized the guy. He called out, “Jared? Is that you?”

    Jared turned, didn’t acknowledge my dad at all, and hustled back to the passenger side of the mysterious truck, grasping his 10-gallon hat to his head the whole time. He threw himself in head first and, his legs still dangling out the passenger door, yelled for the driver to go. They peeled out and we were left staring after them, wildly confused.

    We noticed later that he’d been trying to unlock the door with a screwdriver, but only succeeded in scraping up the doorframe before we caught him. The best part? The door was unlocked the entire time.

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