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  • Ilaje (Slums)

  • Bodija (Slums)

  • Makoko (Slums)

  • Somolu (Slums)

  • Amukoko (Slums)

  • Ajegunle (Slums)

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About This Tool

A random tool cataloged 14 Nigerian slums with populations that were not officially counted but were at least in the tens of thousands. Most of the people here have lived at sea since childhood, and some have never been out in their lives. There is no infrastructure in these poor areas, including clean drinking water, electricity and wastewater treatment systems, which pose serious environmental and health risks.

About 15 families share a public toilet, and their waste, kitchen waste, and plastic bags are dumped directly into the water. Because the number of local poor is too large, the government can not tackle and solve the local poverty problem. The slums preserved in the generator are the local government’s biggest headache. In recent years, the slums of Nigeria have gradually improved and the quality of life has improved significantly as the international community has gradually reached out to them.

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