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Random Slums In Ghanareport

  • Jamestown

  • Amui Djor

  • Ashiaman

  • New Takoradi

  • Kojokrom

  • Agbogbloshie

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About This Tool

When it comes to slums, perhaps no country can match India. India has 170 million slum dwellers, with Mumbai the largest, accounting for two-thirds of the city’s 11 million people, according to the latest un figures. There are nine slums in Ghana, and a detailed list is compiled in this random tool.

The living conditions in these slums are extremely harsh, with the worst housing conditions, the most unsanitary environment, high levels of crime and drug abuse, and extremely low status in the cities. There are two main reasons why the efficiency of poverty alleviation in Ghana has been disappointing, although some local governments have generated poverty alleviation programs. Economic growth has been minimal in many of the poorest countries; persistent inequalities impede the participation of the poor in promoting economic growth.

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