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  • Arjun Singhpura

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  • Chowdhary Mohalla

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  • Arif Nagar

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  • Ramaji Ka pura

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  • Indira Ekta Nagar

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  • Kirti Nagar, Delhi

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About This Tool

When it comes to slums, India has the largest number of slums and slums in the world. It is home to the world’s largest slum, with millions of people living in it. The familiar Indian film, Slumdog Millionaire, Asia’s largest slum, is emerging as a tourist hot spot. This random tool compiles a list of 38 known slums in India, located in different cities and regions.

The living environment and living conditions in these slums are very harsh. The men who live here squat on the ground in twos and threes to bask in the Sun. The dogs chase around among the “Hills”formed by construction and living garbage, the wet stench emanating from the narrow, busy streets is what India’s “Slum tourism”is all about. In fact, if you go to any of the favelas the generator has tidied up, you will find that reality is more miserable than you think.

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