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  • Buddy Is The Son Of Psycwave And Universal Man on Random Incredibles Fan Theories

    (#13) Buddy Is The Son Of Psycwave And Universal Man

    This theory argues that Buddy Pine AKA Syndrome is a non-Super even though he's the son of two super powered beings, specifically Psycwave and Universal Man. The evidence supporting this theory is multi-faceted:

    • Buddy clearly has a complex. He desperately wishes to be a hero, perhaps because his parents both have powers and he doesn't.
    • Buddy was neglected as a child due to his parents' busy lifestyle. 
    • Bob Parr seems to be familiar with Buddy's mother, and it's established the Parrs are friends with many superheroes.
    • Psycwave and Universal Man are first on Syndrome's "kill list," suggesting a personal vendetta against them.
    • Syndrome's island base is similar to that of the Phantasmics, a former superhero team, which included Psycwave.
  • Buddy Is The Son Of Two Supers, Phylangee And Apogee on Random Incredibles Fan Theories

    (#9) Buddy Is The Son Of Two Supers, Phylangee And Apogee

    Working off another theory about Buddy's parentage, Redditor/u/Obversa concluded Buddy must be the son of Phylangee and Apogee because he looks most like them. This Redditor then dives into Buddy Pine AKA Syndrome's pathologies that suggest he may be the child of Supers.

    It starts with Buddy being neglected as a child due to his parents' time-consuming occupation. Furthermore, he idolizes Supers to an unhealthy degree, desperately wishing to be one himself, a complex further compounded by his parents' powers. Because of his parents' status and association with other Supers, not only would Buddy be subjected to the presence of various Supers, but he might even have access to certain technologies exclusive to that group. This would have allowed him to tinker with advanced tech and ultimately lead to his evil genius persona. 

  • The Government Was In Cahoots With Syndrome To Wipe Out The Supers on Random Incredibles Fan Theories

    (#4) The Government Was In Cahoots With Syndrome To Wipe Out The Supers

    Redditor/u/HoneybeeHound has an incredibly cynical theory suggesting Syndrome's genocide of superheroes was actually sanctioned by the government:

    "Remember those government agents in The Incredibles? Their job was to watch the Supers while they were retired to make sure they didn't reveal themselves to strangers. They run the relocation program. When Mr. Incredible throws his boss through several walls, an agent offers to relocate him then decides it would better to wipe away everyone's memory MIB style. So their job is to watch Supers so they could prevent situations like that. If there job is to watch Supers, why didn't they do anything or show concern when Supers were disappearing? How did they not know that they were being escorted to Syndrome's island? That was like their main job right? According to the film, a majority of the Supers were killed, so its weird they chose to not care.

    That is unless they were working with Syndrome or at least tolerating his experiments. Syndrome was the best solution on dealing with the Supers. Killing them off meant the government didn't have to spend a fortune protecting them and cleaning up their mistakes. In exchange, Syndrome was making high tech for the government. Syndrome was a business entrepreneur - he had to have high end customers. It makes sense he would sell to the suits. He betrays them when he takes over the city, but still no one gave a sh*t when he killed Supers. Who would miss them if they appeared like seclusive ordinary citizens? The suits weren't expecting the Incredibles to make it off Syndrome's island alive."

  • Edna Mode Is Actually A Super on Random Incredibles Fan Theories

    (#8) Edna Mode Is Actually A Super

    Like others, Redditor/u/TheDarn believes Edna designed Syndrome's super suit with the intention of sabotaging him, as it included a cape. However, this Redditor also believes Edna is a Super herself:

    "Edna has worked closely with the Supers for years. It is possible that every Super who requests an outfit has it made based on their abilities. It is also possible that she knows of being a Super but chooses to hide it. So what is her super power anyways? She can spot a Super the moment she sees them. That is, she can tell if someone is a Super without even seeing the power or of being told of it.

    Remember when she was showing Elastigirl the new suits? She had everything detailed according to the families powers. She may have been told about their powers beforehand, but what about Jack-Jack? She knew all along. The parents don't even know of his powers yet but Edna knew. Remember when Syndrome was flying away with Jack-Jack? He was able to transform into a metallic version of himself and even a molten version. This is exactly what Edna prepared for with the suit when showing it to Elastigirl. There is one transformation that Edna did not cover though, so it is possible that she does not know how to make a suit to cover that transformation.

    So why does she need to hide it? Edna is possibly smarter than a regular person, so she knows she should keep her power hidden. She is a designer, this is her work. She does this for income and works with the Supers on the side. It is possible the government knows this. When it was time for the Supers to go into hiding, Edna was possibly told to discontinue working with the Supers, but she remains working as a designer. If she revealed her power, then she too would be told to go into hiding, which would mean she may have to discontinue her work as well. "

  • Mr. Incredible Really Did Cheat On His Wife With Mirage on Random Incredibles Fan Theories

    (#11) Mr. Incredible Really Did Cheat On His Wife With Mirage

    In the first act of The Incredibles, Helen Parr suspects her husband of being unfaithful after finding a blonde hair on his suit. He acts very shady as he tries to hide his heroic exploits, which only adds to her suspicion. The audience is led to believe Bob Parr is only sneaking around playing the hero again.  

    Redditor/u/ogwalt thinks he may have actually had an affair. This Redditor points out Bob is never shown in close enough proximity to Mirage while in his suit to actually pick up one of her hairs. Mirage also appears to be attracted to Mr. Incredible. Also, Mirage is unaware that Bob is married until she meets Helen, so she wouldn't have had that hangup if he did indeed make a move on her.

  • Violet Parr Is An Older Boo From 'Monsters Inc.' on Random Incredibles Fan Theories

    (#10) Violet Parr Is An Older Boo From 'Monsters Inc.'

    Redditor/u/Ozzertron's theory is enough to make any Pixar fan squeal. Ozzertron has a pretty in-depth theory, so here is the TL;DR version:

    • When Sully and Boo play hide and seek in the locker room, Sully is amazed at how good she is at hiding. Ozzertron suggests her powers are assisting her, as she's subconsciously using them to become invisible.
    • Initially, Violet struggles to use her powers in the movie when she really needs them for lack of confidence. Boo is only able to "use her powers" when she's having fun with Sully, but not when she's in real danger.
    • The two just look alike.
    • Early on in Monsters, Inc., it is established how each professional scarer is assigned to children that suit them the best. Randall's camouflage or "invisibility," would be ideal for a toddler coming to terms having similar superpowers. Randall would be the representation of what Boo doesn't understand about herself or possibly what she may become.
    • Boo is comfortable with Sully because his big, hulking frame is reminiscent of her father's.
    • Boo had a cameo in Toy Story 3, proving that Pixar is willing to cross-over their properties.

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