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  • Barack Obama on Random Celebrities Who Are Picky Eaters

    (#2) Barack Obama

    • 57
    As The New York Times explained in 2009, President Obama does not like beets, but he does like Mexican food and chili. According to the article, Obama has "a weakness for chips and salsa and tends to put hot sauce on everything.” Same.
  • Wendy Williams on Random Celebrities Who Are Picky Eaters

    (#9) Wendy Williams

    • 54
    As talk-show host Wendy Williams told The New York Times“I carry my own Frank’s Red Hot sauce because there are a lot of places where everything is good, and when it comes to the sauces, they pull out Tabasco sauce. I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Frequently, Frank’s is the one thing I’ll have in my bag.”
  • Dianna Agron on Random Celebrities Who Are Picky Eaters

    (#21) Dianna Agron

    • 32
    According to ET, actress Dianna Agron can't stand it when two foods touch each other on the same plate.
  • François Hollande on Random Celebrities Who Are Picky Eaters

    (#11) François Hollande

    • 64
    According to CBS News, when a number of chefs visited the United Nations, it was revealed that French President Francois Hollande hates artichokes. 
  • Novak Djokovic on Random Celebrities Who Are Picky Eaters

    (#15) Novak Djokovic

    • 31
    Tennis star Djokovic follows a strict gluten-free diet... and also eats grass. After his win against Rafael Nadal in 2011, Djokovic started eating the grass on the court. Djokovic later told reporters, the grass was "well kept" and "tasted quite well, really." He said, "I felt like an animal. I wanted to see how it tastes. It tastes good. It came spontaneously, really. I didn't plan to do it. You know, I didn't know what to do for my excitement and joy."
  • Petra Nemcova on Random Celebrities Who Are Picky Eaters

    (#18) Petra Nemcova

    As Petra Nemcova explained to Health"There was the diet where I ate just carrots, tomatoes, and seafood. It turned my palms yellow because of the vitamin A! People looked at me like, 'Are you sick? Do you have hepatitis?!'"

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About This Tool

Picky eating is a common behavior of young children, refers to the process of eating certain foods or eat only a few of their favorite or habit of food, many children do not eat fruits and vegetables, also do not like a certain color, such as red. Or the inability to accept food of a particular character, such as the form of a cigarette. Severe picky eating is also a mental illness known as a selective eating disorder.

But did you know that a lot of famous people in America are picky eaters? It’s not a disease. It’s a simple dietary preference. This random tool generated 21 items for 21 picky eating celebrities who may not eat vegetables, fruits, or meat, but isn’t that a personal preference?

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